Important blog message

I'm sorry - but I have to engage the word verification for comments.

The SPAM Gods are in force on this blog. Making no sense, but they are still attacking me via my blog comments.

For those leaving comments - sorry you have to type in the verification now.


Carol's Stitching said...

Sorry that someone is leaving negative comments. It is a shame people don't take the advice of our mothers.....'If you can't say something nice, then don't say nothing at all!'

Love your blog and I love your stitching, quilting and updates on life. Don't let a few naysayers discourage you!

WendyCarole said...

some people are so horrid. I love your blog. No hassle typing in the verification word

Natasha said...

I dont find it annoying to type the word veri. Not nowadays with so many spammers out there.

I will still vivist and leave comments

Michele said...

I had to do the same thing earlier this month :(
It's horrid that a few idiots ruin things for the majority of the good guys out there.


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