For those wondering -

... why the glue stick was my new best friend.

I was given about 6 gallon size Ziploc bags of 3/4" fabric strips. And what to do with them.

Well, I was mentioning to another quilter about making Fabric Bowls. And well... I get to work one morning, there sit a bag of clothesline, more fabric strips, and a completed bowl, she had made. She gave me everything that was in the bag along with this book - It's A Wrap

The next day - I'm looking through the book, and looking at the clothesline and fabric strips. The glue stick that was included was mostly dried up, and of course we don't have that on hand here at the house. So we called up the neighbors, and the store downtown. Next thing we know we are on the way to the big town for a $2.49 glue stick.

And when we got home, that's when the glue stick became my new best friend.

Cause this was the result of the new friendship.

I had since made two more Fabric Trivets. They are so simple to make, and I love changing up the colors.


shutterbug said...

I love them Kim! And hopefully soon I will get around to trying them. :) I really like the way the fabric looks on the bottom pic. Was that a plaid fabric?
Hugs, Elaine

Irene said...

They look wonderful and for the life of me I can't figure out how you made them :)

Natasha said...

Those are awesome Kim!! I saw those fabric trivets in a craft store and they were going for $14-$16.

I have LOTS of fabric that can be madeinto strips so I am going to have to but this book.

Thanks for sahring :)

Missy said...

I love those! Especially the third picture, the black towards the middle really draws the eye in, great choice of colors!

KaLu said...

theyre are awesome!!
Im using my glue stick just on regular paper...this is much better!

Meari said...

Hmm... So you used the glue stick to glue the trivet together? Ack... I'm so confused!


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