Adopted a new friend

Quilting Friend that is.

I have had the 12" Add A Quarter (inch) ruler for, gosh about 5 yrs now. I was advised to get one when I was doing the paper piecing on Storm at Sea quilt paper foundation, oh so many years ago.

What it is...
The Add-A-Quarter ruler is a transparent ruler (6" or 12" long) that has a 1/4" mark on the whole length of it. If you have ever made your own templates for a quilt block, you know that adding an accurate seam allowance to them is important. This ruler helps you do that.

While reading Jen's blog regarding the Barn Blocks - she suggested getting an Add-an-Eighth Ruler. Less weight, and bulk for the seams for sewing. Off to eBay I went.. and it arrived yesterday! I put it to work with the Spinning Spools quilt block, and I loved how it worked! I was kinda nervous about the cuts being too close to the seam, but no problems so far!

So, I took a picture of the Add A Quarter & Add-an-Eighth rulers to show you the "mark" for trimming off the excess fabric. ♥ it!

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