Oh wait... that was like a week ago! Oh well! Happy News Years! Hope you have had a great start to 2010! Last week on the radio, they were wanting to know what people were going to call 2010... as in Two Thousand Ten, or Twenty Ten. I personally like Twenty Ten. Its seems to be more, I don't know... hip, and up and coming. Call me silly.

Our Christmas was great! I went home to celebrate the first Christmas without Dad. It was kinda surreal. I, at one time started to look for my Dad, it just doesn't seem possible. Cause I knew, as he should be there, watching the grandkids run around, and holding the newborn. Oh thats right, and me holding Aubrey for the first time. Gosh, how I longed to be with my family for Christmas. The nieces and nephews got spoiled again this year. It was great to spend Christmas Eve & morning at my sister's house, as Santa too, spoiled them. As the girls slept on the couch, RIGHT next to the Christmas tree - Santa was really good about being quiet, and took my camera, and snapped a few pictures. When Christmas morning came, I announced to my nieces that Santa must have gotten ahold of my camera, and took a picture of them sleeping on the couch with all the presents under the tree. The laugh that my 6yr old niece gave, was one that I will never forget. What Christmas was all about! KIDS!!

As you can kinda see, I have been on a "vacation from the blog" for the past couple weeks. Don't have a whole lot to share, as I haven't done much of anything. Well, Facebook will show different..LOL

This past weekend we were invited down for my grandparent's 64th wedding anniversary. Had a great time with my Mom's side of the family. Went with 3 of my nieces, Mom and sister to see Alvin & The Chipmunks movie. Cute!

Other than that, my life has been consumed with work, and its becoming too stressed for me! I'm actually starting to experience anxiety at work, and it's not good.

Actually spent some time at the sewing machine today. I joined a "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns – Block of the Week". LINK Ive been enjoying the posts that the blog author has done of the Quilt Blocks on Barns in Wisconsin (mainly in southern WI). She mapped them out, traveled to them, and took pictures, and then posted them to her blog. She now has incorporated them into actual paper piecing blocks. The first block was posted today - the Log Cabin. I had to think again how to do paper piecing, but one I got the hand of it, I was finished..LOL I had a minor glitch with my block, and had to email the author. I love the results!!

So, here is an update.

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Carol's Stitching said...

Glad Christmas was good for you and your family. The kids look adorable sleeping on the sofa waiting for Santa. :) Santa & his elves must have been tip-toeing around that Christmas Tree!!!! LOL

Happy New Year and may 2010 bring you much happiness and good health!


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