Invested in a Wii - and now Hubby is paying for it...

in body aches..LOL

For the past few months I have been searching the stores for a Wii. Yeah I know some of you have had yours for years (my sister has). Well, this past week, I was in the area where I had the opportunity to get to several stores. And several stores I did.

I had gone to Walmarts looking through out the week, and then the week was coming to a close. So on Friday, I went to Best Buy & Shopko, and I stopped by a store called Game Stop... they had Wii's but they were reserved for ppl. And well, I was waiting for the guy to find out if they had any at a different store... well someone came up to me and said that they were at Target this morning and bought a Wii - and they had like 8 or 9 left.

I kid you not, I ran from that store..LOL So, off to Target we went. I walked out with 2 Wii (what is the plural for 2 Wii??). I bought one for myself, and one for my Mom.

And here comes the exciting part... another gem I have been looking for... a Wii Fit with a balance board! See, my sister bought one, and didn't seem to either like it or, just didn't have the interested it in. Well, we were coming home from dinner on Saturday - and I just mentioned to my sister about borrowing to see if I liked the Wii Fit & board. She said I could. And well, since, that "could" has turned in to a "you can have it"! WOOT WOOT!!

I was able to pick up Wii Fit Plus, Rec Room Games, & Wii Play (which I didn't really care for - but came with the extra Wii remote we needed). And the rechargeable battery thingy for the controllers. Spent alittle money pimping it out. (Thank you Uncle Sam for giving me, my $$ back.)

So, I came home on Sunday - hooked it up. And I just played a few games of bowling and Tennis. Hooked up the Wii Fit on Monday night, skipped it Tuesday, as I was so tired. Yesterday I hit it hard. The only problem I had was the Wii balance board was telling me to lift my left leg, and it was lifted..LOL Umm had to turn it around.

So.. yesterday (this is where the blog's title comes into play). Brian, got the nerve to practice his bowling. I'm in the other room working on my Block of the Weeks. And I keep here - "I got a strike", "I got another strike", "come look at this score."

Well, last night, I was challenged to a few games of Wii bowling. Well I got my butt whooped, but it was a good time! Brian did end up with a high score, so he was happy about that.

And today - Brian is paying for his hard work on the bowling.. his shoulder is sore. He he!

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Irene said...

I love my Wii and balance board even though it keeps telling me I'm off balance :)


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