Round Robin about to take an airplane

I'm participating in a Round Robin with the Stitch-it-Quick Yahoo group. The sad part is... there are only 3 of us participating. Ive spent the past umm (OMG) 5 hrs on putting it together. Gosh, now I know where my days off go!

EDITED TO ADD - I have been informed that the 3rd participant in our Round Robin has been advised by her DR, that she should not be stitching for awhile now. So... that just leaves the 2 of us. So, it will be sooner now, for those interested in stitching on my Round Robin for me. Thanks!!

I selected a design that has 12 parts. Its a variety of quilt blocks (quilt motif designs from the Treasured Memories Quilt Afghan). I plan to make a wallhanging, when they all get stitched.

So, if anyone is interested.. and wouldn't mind stitching on a Round Robin of mine, please leave a comment below. Its only a design of 40 X 40. I supply everything - you just supply your stitching abilities. It wont be available till after it returns back to me... and that should be about late April March sometime.


Pike said...

I would love to stitch those quilt block! I live in Finland...


Rebecca said...


I'd love to stitch on your RR. It's been a few years since I've done an RR, but I've always enjoyed it.


Carol's Stitching said...

Kim - If I hadn't had so much going on with my Mom's estate and selling the houses I might have done it. I would be glad to help out after the RR is done in April. By then I should be semi-sane again. :)

Stitcher said...

I'd be happy to stitch for you.

Vicky said...

I would be happy to stitch on this for you if you don't mind it coming all the way to Australia.

Vicky L said...

Hi Kim

I will love to stitch for you if you still need a stitcher.

Missy said...

Kim, if you still have a block that needs to be stitched, let me know. I haven't done any stitching lately and would love to help you out and get my mojo back. Just let me know!


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