April 16 - Friday Night Sew-In Bistro Tablerunner Top - FINISH

Well 7pm couldn't come fast enough today - seems like those work days just drag on when you have something fun waiting for you at home. Got home around 7:45, made a couple phone calls, kissed the hubby and by 8:15 I was settled in, and sewing.

From the previous post, I said I was going to work with the Bistro charm pack and some Moda Marble.. and well here is what it looked like in pictures.

This is what I started with....

I had to get rid of the smaller cuts. Then I had to sew the 3 squares & 2 rectangles together.

Then I had to sew them in to a block. 10 blocks to be exact.

Which I sewed those 10 blocks to make the tablerunner top.

Now I had to add the borders.... I added the Moda Marble thin border, then the square blocks..

On went the borders, which gives me a completed tablerunner top!

Its really hard to get a good picture when the person you use as your holding prop has gone to bed. So I guess I just had to do it myself.

Pattern credit - Moda Bake Shop - Verna's Cutting Garden Tablerunner
Charm Pack credit - Bistro by Deb Stain, from Moda

Plan on getting it quilted and bond. Soon.


Robin said...

I love this! I just had my first quilting class and it was devoted to fabric selection. That is hard enough......Your fabrics are gorgious together!

Cindy said...

I really like how that turned out. I just might have to find the pattern and give it a try. Sounds like you had a great Friday night of sewing.

zoomcity said...

I love this, Kim! Great job.

Ashley and Jason Faucett said...

Congratulations!! I won last month and love it! So enjoy your gift! :)

Vickie said...

It is just Breathtaking!

Jen said...

Kim it's awesome! I think I'll have to do that pattern as well. Do you have any idea how many schnibbly pieces of bistro I have hanging around from my In and Out quilt?


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