Crossed Canoes - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

I really enjoyed putting this block together!!! I also LOVE the colors too! This block was alot easier than the last one.

Block #14 – Crossed Canoe - Green County
Pattern is here - Crossed Canoes

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Jen said...

It looks fantastic! This one was fun for me too. DOn't forget to let me know what the issues were with the cornucopia. If it needs me to add more directions to it or if I should have it be assembled different I'd be happy to change it to make it easier!! =)

Cindy said...

Yours turned out perfect. I'm not happy with mine and it might be remade in the future. Just need to take it's picture and post it.

Rita said...

Wow! All those points to match!


Judy said...

Love your colors, I really like this block.


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