Feel like I hit the motherload...

Makes me happy! But, I'm still sad for the reason for the deal.

I was going to postpone my trip today to Iron River... but I thought I better just go and not have to deal with going tomorrow.

One of the stops I thought I would make was to Wardo's. Well, as I walked in... I found out that it was the last day of business (*Sniff*)

So... EVERYTHING was 85% off! (On Monday it was everything was 75% off with fabric @ 60% off, with no mention of closing)

So... I quickly did a scan of the place - looking for the fabric. And I whimpered alittle when I seen the fabric selection. It was pretty much Fat 1/8th, a handful of fat quarters and 1/2 yards. The whole store was practically empty.

So I started on what I thought I could use.. and picked up a good handful of fabric. Did a little walk around of the store, and came across a plate hanger bracket. I had seen someone use them to display quilts on. So I thought.. why not.

Then I noticed a sign on the wall. Cash Only. Well, guess what.. I don't carry cash on me. So.. since I use to work there, I had asked if I could set my things down by the cash register and walk across the street to the ATM. Get to the ATM.. now I had to decided what to withdraw. So, $60 came back with me to the store.

I get in line to check out...

3 plate hanger display
9X12" Sticky board
2 - bags of plastic pellets
4" hoop
Welcome Kit - I have the book, so I'm sure I can use the kit.
Fat Quarter
9 - 1/2 Yards
19 - Fat 1/8th

The total was $98.05 and I handed the cashier a $20, since it was $15.59

Good deal?


shutterbug said...

Some people are so lucky! Lol Too bad the store is closing though. :p

Robin said...

Wow, what a deal but sorry it is at the loose of your store!

Debra said...

great deal, beautiful material.


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