Changing the saying.. "The one that got away" to " The six that I threw away."

Its no lie - I love to fish.

So, this afternoon, I had an offer to go fishing at a local walk in lake. Its about a 1.5 mile walk to the secluded lake. We got to the lake about 7pm, and I was busy casting and drowning worms.

Shortly there after, I caught a legal bass (meaning it has to be 14" or more). I thought I better get out the stringer I brought along to keep the fish on while I fish some more.

Caught another Bass, put it on the stringer.

Caught a 3rd Bass, put it on the stringer.

Caught the 4th Bass... you guessed it, put it on the stringer.

Then, I had a HUGE blue gill - the size of my hand (the biggest I have ever caught or seen for that matter.

I caught another nice blue gill, and put it on the stringer. Went to put the stringer back into the water .....

Misjudged the weight..... and the amount of stringer left... and I swear someone put Pam on the blue stringer...

YEP! I threw ALL my fish back into the lake!! And it sunk fast. No proof of my 2 hrs of fishing. I have witnesses, though. Next time.. Im bringing a BUCKET!!!

And taking picture, even though the camera was along.


Nancy*Glory Bee said...

How awful! Sorry about the lost fish. Maybe you can go again today?

Carol's Stitching said...

That is horrible! I would be so disappointed after all that time of fishing and having spectacular results too. Hopefully next time will go smoother. :)


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