The joys of Stewie

Last night, I did something I havent done... in.... gosh, months.

I actually sat down to STITCH on Cabin in the Woods.

It was alittle after 11pm, both Brian and the dog had gone to bed for the night. Brian in bed, and Stewie in the crate.

I had been dreaming of stitching all day. I knew I exactly what I wanted to stitch on - the Cabin. I couldnt go to bed till I did.

I got out the stand, with the QSnap still attached to the clamp, pulled off the plastic bag, that was keeping off the dust.

Put the earbuds into my ears to listen to the current audiobook.

Found the symbol and the DMC thread I needed to stitch with. Stitched the stitches, and it felt so good!

But... I kept hearing something. I took my earbuds out to not hear it then. Put the earbuds back in my ears. There it was again.

Stewie is his crate.... whining for me to come to BED!

Yes, Stewie our little 11 weeks & 3 day old adorable Pug, whines if Im not in bed. I yell out, "Stewie, Im fine, go to sleep".

I put the earbuds back in my ears, and continue stitching. Stewie starts back at whining.

So... I thought, well, those 20 some stitches will have to do. Cause Brian just came out of the bedroom, looking alittle annoyed.

I get to the bedroom, walked past the crate - didnt say a word. But I thought, what the heck Im still not tired, so I brought the audiobook to bed with me.

And not one peep came out of the dog, the rest of the evening.

Seems like our dog isnt happy till his Momma is in the same room with him. :)


Carol's Stitching said...

Sounds like Master Stewie is starting to run the household and definitely already has the strings to Mom's heart wrapped firmly around his little paw!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

LOL tooo cute.

nutmegg said...

Aren't we lucky that our pets allow us to share a home with them!!!!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

I'm glad you were able to put a couple of stitches in...and Stewie sounds too cute for words!

Jandi said...

He's too cute! At least you got some work done. I hope he lets you sew for the sew in tonight!


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