Stewie update... 9weeks and a few days old

WOW, this puppy business is keeping both hubby and I busy. Mostly the potty training & the playful biting is coming from this cute little pup.

Stewie has been going to work with me. He has been to work 3 days so far, and the residents and staff love him. I have some really adorable pics of Stewie with others - but with that darn HIPPA law, I don't want to get in trouble.

Stewie is adjusting to his surroundings, just like we are to his. He is a really good puppy. Hubby has trained him to go into his bed. So when Stewie is outside his bed, just laying on the floor, all hubby has to do is say "Stewie, go lay in your bed". And he just walks over to his bed and collapses. Stewie does sleep in a crate at night, get this .. in our bedroom.

Stewie is ... well a snorer. I love it when he snores.

He is growing like a WEED!! I would love to see his brothers and sisters to compare his size, and I think that he would be the biggest. He has like double in size since we brought him home a week & half ago.


Jenny Moore said...

omg, is your baby adorable! I remember when my puggies were that size... They are such a joy. Enjoy every minute of that puppy stage because they do grow up fast!

Natasha said...

Kim, Stewie is SO cute!! I love the video of him and the shoe... When we had our crate for our older dog I use to say Go to your house and he woudl go right into his crate, he loved it in there.

Doris said...

oh,is so cute, and look so happy playing with the shoe.


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