1st Day Of Quilt Class!

OH WOW! Is the thought I thought when I seen the quilt we are going to make for the next 5 weeks.

Its a paper pieced "sea at storm" variation. The finished size will be 58" X 72". This quilt will be for myself! I chose to go with a Northwoods theme .. go figure!

I had to pick out a variation of 7 different fabric designs, 4 dark, and 3 lights. Of course the picture from the digital cam doesnt do justice to what the fabric actually looks like.

I love the venture of quilting, but the down fall of it all, is the cost. Just look at that picture, that is $68 worth of materials! And that is not even including the cost of the class, and other needed supplies I need for the class yet. :)

Each week I will post an update as to what Im doing with the quilt. So for next class, I need the fabric (washed and iron - of course) About 100 copies of the different patterns (need to do, and have cut out). Sewing machine, scissors, seam ripper, thread (need to get some), rotary cutter, pins, 1/4" ruler(need to get), thread snippers, fabric scissors, and sewing needles.

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