Oh What A Moment

I almost could've cried...

Tonight when I came home.. Brian was wanting to know what my blog address was, so I went into the computer room to show him in my favorites that I have stored on the main computer.

Well, I noticed that the screen was a different picture, so I thought that the theme had gotten changed. Well I go to click on Internet Explorer, and it comes up on the MSN webpage (we have Yahoo set to open). I asked my Brian, umm what did he do.. Im thinking, no big deal.

But then I go and click on My Doucuments, Music, and pictures ... they are all gone! I freaked out! "Supposely" Brian had seen that a few days ago that Windows was getting to full (it still had 18g to go till it would be full), so I have no idea what happened. He said that this morning when he went to go and turn on the computer, it took forever to load up. And when it did.. the new screen was on there.

After exploring the "C" drive, I did find all the missing pictures, music, and cross stitch patterns. I did lose everything that was in my Incredimail email, and my Outlook Express. All my addresses, and my saved emails, that I had on the main computer.

So Im so glad that I had transfered some of the files off the main computer onto the laptop.

So, word of the wise, dont depend on your computer for saved information, if you have treasured storage (storage, patterns) you might want to put onto a cd, or an outside source.

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