Weekend went too fast...

We had the enjoyment of going down to visit my family this past weekend. We had a blast!

We left Saturday morning, and got down to Larsen about 1pm, and met up with my Dad, Mom, Amy, Natalie, Glen, Lisa, and Scott, for a corn roast and brat sale. I got to watch Natalie around the play equipment. She sure loved the slide! I couldnt convince her to go on the swing.. LOL

Saturday afternoon, while Dad and Brian went to my parents house, Mom, Amy, Natalie, and I went shopping for gifts, and food for Lisa's baby shower. Mom and I did the prize shopping, while Amy stayed in the van with Nat, as she took a nap. We went over to WalMart, and did some food shopping, and I got my gift for Katie (Lisa's baby). While we were there, Natalie had to try on clothes.. what she saw, she had to try on.. LOL So at times I had to keep her out of the girls section, or she had to wear it. We came home, and my parents had to go to a 50th anniversary party, and Amy and Gregg had to go to a wedding.... So Brian and I got to play babysitters LOL

We went over to Scott and Jenny's house, cause Amy wanted Jenny to do her hair for the wedding, and I got my hair cut.
Brian, Natalie, myself, Glen, Lisa, Scott, Jenny, and Conway went out for pizza. After we were finished, Bri, Nat, and I went to my parents house for the night.

I got up about 8am, and started on the salads I was going to be taking for the baby shower. I made the cucumber, onion, tomato, and green pepper salad. And a pea salad, with shredded cheese, and bacon bits. Amy came about 10am, and we were at the church around 11am. We finished the prepartions of the food, and did some decorating.

The shower started at 12:30pm, we had a nice turn out. Had just enough food. Lisa started openning the presents around 1:30, and was finished by 2:30. We were cleaned up and out of the church by 3:3o.

During the shower, Brian was hanging out with my brothers. They were out 4wheeling behind Glen's house. Brian had a blast! When I got back to their house ~ I jumped on the 4wheeler, and off I went. I never realized how beautiful the back yard was, till I started going on the paths that they had made.

Sunday evening, we took Grandma M back to her assisted living home, and headed towards Oshkosh. We went out for dinner with my parents. Got home, and just was being lazy.

Monday morning, my parents left for their jobs, and once Brian got up. We packed up, and headed north. I did have to stop at the bank first. We went up to Green Bay. There was a stitching shop I wanted to stop at, and we did!

We were home by 2pm.. just was lazy the rest of the day. I have to work the rest of the week.

Grrr... I cant seem to get the pictures to post.. But I did manage one of Natalie, and Conway (with my mom).

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