Trick Or Treat

Smell my feet, give me something good to eat :) Gosh that time of the year already!

The scary part of it all, I went to a store in Iron River, and they had Christmas decorations out already.. nothing like rushing the seasons. LOL

Well I started this pumpkin last night, and I sat down this evening and finished it. Its called Trick Or Treat, its a freebie from Fanci That. Its stitched on 14ct black aida material. I had the frog visiting me so, I had to rip some stitches out. So I think Im going to go and find
something light to work on .. LOL

1st Day Of Quilt Class!

OH WOW! Is the thought I thought when I seen the quilt we are going to make for the next 5 weeks.

Its a paper pieced "sea at storm" variation. The finished size will be 58" X 72". This quilt will be for myself! I chose to go with a Northwoods theme .. go figure!

I had to pick out a variation of 7 different fabric designs, 4 dark, and 3 lights. Of course the picture from the digital cam doesnt do justice to what the fabric actually looks like.

I love the venture of quilting, but the down fall of it all, is the cost. Just look at that picture, that is $68 worth of materials! And that is not even including the cost of the class, and other needed supplies I need for the class yet. :)

Each week I will post an update as to what Im doing with the quilt. So for next class, I need the fabric (washed and iron - of course) About 100 copies of the different patterns (need to do, and have cut out). Sewing machine, scissors, seam ripper, thread (need to get some), rotary cutter, pins, 1/4" ruler(need to get), thread snippers, fabric scissors, and sewing needles.



I have another finish to show off :) Started it on Sunday night.. finished early this morning :) Had to wait to get home from work to post a picture.

It is a freebie from The Prairie School Its called "Gourds"

Its stitched on 14ct fiddlers aida cloth.

Stitched for a Fall SAL.


What An Honor

I belong to the SanMan message board. Last week a freebie was posted, and I managed to get it stitched last week - see previous post :)

Well tonight when I got home from work, I had a private message on the SM board from a member, so I went to check it out... here is what it says..

Hi Kim, I just lovvvvve your Happy Autumn. I'm working on mine right now. I am also designing/painting an acorn frame for this design. I was wondering if I could use your picture of your finished to copy/paste into my finished framed so I can show everyone what it will look like together. I will certainly say it is your stitched piece that is pictured. I will totally understand if you don't want me to use it. Hugs, Virginia

Of course I replied back...
Oh wow, what an honor! Yes, please use my finished Happy Autumn! Cant wait to see the finished frame Thanks again!

Virginia posted to the message board the picture of Happy Autumn copied and pasted inside the frame, it looks too cute!

After it was posted to the message board, here was our conversation..

Oh wow, that is just adorable! Great job Virginia! Its such an honor to see my finished project in your acorn frame!
And Kim it is such an honor to have such a beautifully stitch project surrounded by my frame We made a great team on this one didn't we?



Happy Autumn

This is a design from SanMan Originals called Happy Autumn. Its stitched on fiddler's cloth aida, using DMC floss. Will likely be finished into a tuck pillow. Part of a Fall SAL.


Country Sampler

WOOHOO! Had a finished with my cross stitching!

I have not had a finish in over a months! But the size of this project.. I devoted alot of time too! Im so happy! The finished design it called Country Sampler, its stitched on white 14ct. aida. The stitched size is 8.5" X 12"!! I had to take a top and a bottom half picture, cause the scroll frame I was using wasnt tall enough to get the whole finish in one picture.

Im going to frame the Country Sampler, and give it as a gift to someone special :)


Want some tomatoes? Well come on over! We picked tomatoes last night, cause we were going to have a threat of frost (it did get down to 36.5 degrees last night though).

I never realized how many tomatoes we had on the vines. We did have about 15 plants. The garden didn't do to well this past summer, but that is more our own fault, since we didn't care for it like we should have.

Our rototiller died on us just as we were preparing the garden, and since we were camping a lot, we neglected the garden. We did get a lot out of it though, peas, yellow & green beans, tomatoes, and onions.


First Day Of Autumn

Man oh man... where has the time gone. It is so hard to believe that summer has gone by so fast.

I think back to what happened this past summer. The most memorable, as you probably had read further in the blog was camping, fishing, and swimming. Any chance we had (mostly when I had the day off) we were out enjoying the great Northwoods. This area is filled with hidden treasures that you can discover. Whether it was a new camping site, fishing or swimming hole. Or just the enjoyment and laughter that was had while spending time with our camping neighbors. Thanks to Mark and Barb for a memoriable summer! Thanks for allowing us to discover the Northwoods with you! I cant wait to get back out there, and do it again!

Now the beauty of the season is upon us. I love autumn!


Katrina VS Rita

Well I think that Katrina's sister didnt want to be out done...

Rita decides to show up.. and we will find out the damage later today and tomorrow.

These hurricanes are changing our lives.. with our pocket book, and our media. Its hard to turn away from the heartache that its causing the nation.

Who made Mother Nature mad?!?!


Brian's Happy!

Brian has a love of cactus. He was searching ebay last week, and came accross an auction that he couldnt pass up! Well, the cactus arrived yesterday!

He hit the MOTHERLOAD (LOL)! The seller sent him 83 separate cactus, that are now comfortable living in the backyard.. LOL


Signs of Autumn

Tonight just as the sun was begining to set, I took the camera out and snap a few pictures. Its just beautiful right now, with all the trees changing colors.

The location is just accross our family pond, Ritchie Pond (which dried up this past spring).

Its just awesome to look out our front window and see this sight!

This is a picture of the road that goes up the hill just in front of our house. Its just soo cool to look up the hill and see the leaves on the road, and the colors in the tree.

Mikey (DH's nephew) stopped by, and we were talking outside, and Brian goes, look at that. And we looked up to see this..

This is a sure sign of Autumn. Seeing the Canadian geese flying south.


JCS Christmas Magazine

Oh Im soooo happy! I have been promised the Just Cross Stitch 2005 Special Christmas magazine! WOOHOO!

This magazine is filled with just Christmas designs, from over 75 designers! It is a VERY popular magazine, this time of year.

I cant wait I open the mailbox and find the magazine!

Thanks Kendra!


LNS ~ The Stitching Bee

Since we have nothing up here in the form of LNS (local needle shop ~ a cross stitching term). I had a thought...

On our way home from Winchester, I had asked Brian if it was ok with him, when we went home, if we could go thru Green Bay, cause there is a cross stitching store, I wanted to visit. He said I could. We got up to GB, I knew the shop was on the west side of the hwy. Well I guess it was a well kept secret, cause we went past it 4 times in our search.. LOL

Once we found the shop... it was well worth it! Brian was so excited that he even went inside with me. The shop is in a house. Very cute place. There was finished projects every where! I found myself thinking, gosh I have that pattern, and I have that one.. and that one... LOL

Kendra, the owner was there. So I got to visit with her awhile. Very nice lady! Very helpful in my search of a pattern.

Another reason I wanted to stop, is cause I wanted to pick up the latest Lizzie*Kate charts that just came out last week. Well I guess we got there at a good time, cause the charts had just come in that day! I picked up .. the stamps for August, Septmeber, October, and November. Here Comes Santa Claus '05 chart, 1st Christmas, and Tiny Tidings X. I love them all!

I hope to get back to The Stitching Bee in the future! Need to increase my stash.. saw some charts I would love to get my hands on!.. LOL

Here is the website address for The Stitching Bee.. if happen to be in the GB area, stop in Kendra is a very nice shop owner. http://www.stitching-bee.com/

Weekend went too fast...

We had the enjoyment of going down to visit my family this past weekend. We had a blast!

We left Saturday morning, and got down to Larsen about 1pm, and met up with my Dad, Mom, Amy, Natalie, Glen, Lisa, and Scott, for a corn roast and brat sale. I got to watch Natalie around the play equipment. She sure loved the slide! I couldnt convince her to go on the swing.. LOL

Saturday afternoon, while Dad and Brian went to my parents house, Mom, Amy, Natalie, and I went shopping for gifts, and food for Lisa's baby shower. Mom and I did the prize shopping, while Amy stayed in the van with Nat, as she took a nap. We went over to WalMart, and did some food shopping, and I got my gift for Katie (Lisa's baby). While we were there, Natalie had to try on clothes.. what she saw, she had to try on.. LOL So at times I had to keep her out of the girls section, or she had to wear it. We came home, and my parents had to go to a 50th anniversary party, and Amy and Gregg had to go to a wedding.... So Brian and I got to play babysitters LOL

We went over to Scott and Jenny's house, cause Amy wanted Jenny to do her hair for the wedding, and I got my hair cut.
Brian, Natalie, myself, Glen, Lisa, Scott, Jenny, and Conway went out for pizza. After we were finished, Bri, Nat, and I went to my parents house for the night.

I got up about 8am, and started on the salads I was going to be taking for the baby shower. I made the cucumber, onion, tomato, and green pepper salad. And a pea salad, with shredded cheese, and bacon bits. Amy came about 10am, and we were at the church around 11am. We finished the prepartions of the food, and did some decorating.

The shower started at 12:30pm, we had a nice turn out. Had just enough food. Lisa started openning the presents around 1:30, and was finished by 2:30. We were cleaned up and out of the church by 3:3o.

During the shower, Brian was hanging out with my brothers. They were out 4wheeling behind Glen's house. Brian had a blast! When I got back to their house ~ I jumped on the 4wheeler, and off I went. I never realized how beautiful the back yard was, till I started going on the paths that they had made.

Sunday evening, we took Grandma M back to her assisted living home, and headed towards Oshkosh. We went out for dinner with my parents. Got home, and just was being lazy.

Monday morning, my parents left for their jobs, and once Brian got up. We packed up, and headed north. I did have to stop at the bank first. We went up to Green Bay. There was a stitching shop I wanted to stop at, and we did!

We were home by 2pm.. just was lazy the rest of the day. I have to work the rest of the week.

Grrr... I cant seem to get the pictures to post.. But I did manage one of Natalie, and Conway (with my mom).


Ahh.. watch your spamming..

I just happened to scroll down my blog, and check it out.. and I noticed I had 2 comments in the Oh what a moment post. I thought wow, I just posted.! Well I checked out the comment, and I was spammed!

Geezers! keep your spamming out of the comment boxes!

Oh, by the way, I deleted your comment to my post.. aint going to stand for that on my blog!

Or Im going to have to get my spammer gun out and zap you!.. LOL

Oh What A Moment

I almost could've cried...

Tonight when I came home.. Brian was wanting to know what my blog address was, so I went into the computer room to show him in my favorites that I have stored on the main computer.

Well, I noticed that the screen was a different picture, so I thought that the theme had gotten changed. Well I go to click on Internet Explorer, and it comes up on the MSN webpage (we have Yahoo set to open). I asked my Brian, umm what did he do.. Im thinking, no big deal.

But then I go and click on My Doucuments, Music, and pictures ... they are all gone! I freaked out! "Supposely" Brian had seen that a few days ago that Windows was getting to full (it still had 18g to go till it would be full), so I have no idea what happened. He said that this morning when he went to go and turn on the computer, it took forever to load up. And when it did.. the new screen was on there.

After exploring the "C" drive, I did find all the missing pictures, music, and cross stitch patterns. I did lose everything that was in my Incredimail email, and my Outlook Express. All my addresses, and my saved emails, that I had on the main computer.

So Im so glad that I had transfered some of the files off the main computer onto the laptop.

So, word of the wise, dont depend on your computer for saved information, if you have treasured storage (storage, patterns) you might want to put onto a cd, or an outside source.


Baby #2 of the year arrived :)

Baby #2 of the family arrived!!

My cousin Travis & his wife Kristen, had a baby girl.

On Saturday night, September 3, 2005

Elise Lorraine Whitney

Welcome Elise ~ congrats to Trav & Kristen

Now, Katie (#3) is to arrive on Oct 8th, and Kaylee (#4) on Dec. 8th (might be sooner)


All signed up!

Last fall I signed up to go to school (as a resident at work calls it when I have the day off to go to quilting class). I really enjoyed myself, and learned quilting. I made a wall hanging that I just love! Its a wreath in the middle accented with fall colors, and Northwoods prints. A couple weeks ago I got in the mail another notice that they were having a quilting class again! And I told Brian I was signing up again! I had so much fun last year. And I hope to have as much fun, or more this year.

The class doesnt start till September 29th, Im going to be in the morning session, which is from 9am - 12:30pm. And it runs for 6 weeks :)

I will post when I do make progress on the quilt.


And what day is it?

LOL Well I have worked for the past 4 days, and with working that many days, the days get screwed up. Well its Tuesday today, I havent done much of anything yet. Well I guess I did. I talked with my mom on the phone today, discussed the baby shower we are having this weekend, for my SIL Lisa. Worked on the pc, getting the music organized for the next gig I have in 2 weeks. Worked on emailing some cross stitch friends. And here I am now. Starting to get hungry, so I guess I will be making something eat.


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