How I spent my weekend

My sister and her hubby had plans to go the Nascar race in Michigan this past weekend. Well the deal of it all was to have my sister's MIL watch the girls part of the weekend, and my Mom to watch them the rest of the weekend. I thought - what weekend is that!?! Yep, I have off - I volunteered Brian and myself to watch the girls, while they went to the race.

Friday night - I had made arrangements for a coworker to cover the rest of my evening shift, so I could get on the road early enough to surprise my oldest niece, who had no idea that her Aunt Kim and Uncle Brian were going to be staying with them for the weekend. We headed out from home about 5:30p, and made it to our destination around 8:40p. My parents were there as I had invited them over to watch the reaction of Natalie (who will be 4 in Oct) as we made our entrance. The main door to the apartment was open, so we walked back to their apartment door. I knocked, and my Mom answered. Kaylee (who is 20 months) came out to investigate, but took off like she was shot out of a pistol. LOL it was really cute! I couldn't get close enough to her as she clung to my sister. I found out that Natalie was playing upstairs with a friend. Nat was aware of a surprise coming, but she had no idea it was us.

We (my sis, Kaylee, my parents, Brian and I) went upstairs to see Natalie's reaction. My sister knocked on the door, and said to Nat, "come here, someone is here to see you". Nat came out, and we were kinda hiding around the corner of the door. The look on her face, was the look of about to cry. It was too cute! It happen so fast, but it sure felt good to get a hug from her!

We told her that Brian and I would be staying with her and Kaylee while Mom and Dad went to the races. She was one happy girl! We headed down to their apartment and got our stuff from the truck. We had brought our bikes along and we have one of those bike trailers that the kids can ride in. Brian was soon giving bike rides around the parking lot. The girls really enjoyed it. It was after 11p when we got back inside and settled into bed.

I was up at 8:30a - when my sister got up. We kinda hung around the house, and made arrangement for Brian, Nat, Kaylee, and myself to meet up with my parents for the day. It was kinda funny, as Brian had asked how long we were to be gone, well I said, maybe 3 - 4 hrs. Well I was wrong, 10 hrs later, we made it home. We had gone to Appleton and did some shopping @ Fleet Farm, JoAnn's, Hancock Fabrics, and WalMart. We even took the time to eat.. LOL We had a nice lunch at Ponderosa. I have to share - when Natalie and I were shopping at Hancock Fabrics - Nat said to me "you are my best friend" what a great feeling to be told that by a 3 yr old - when you only get to see her every other month. And besides, while talking with my sister's MIL, she commented to me, that "Natalie just adores you!"

We headed back to my parent's house for a little relaxing time - we ended up taking a ride towards Oshkosh, as my dad had seen an Explorer (which I really liked) at a dealer and wanted to show it to me. We ended up having dinner at Brian's favorite restaurant when we are down visiting with my family at the Wedgewood in Omro.

We finally made it home after 10pm. Gave the girls a bath, and finally got them asleep at midnight. Guess what time I was up with them the next morning - well I knew it was going to happen and it did. Kaylee had gotten up, and well, she wanted, Mom. We ended up getting up to watch some tv at 5:30am! Nat joined us, but we had to be quiet as Uncle Brian was asleep on the couch. We had brought our air mattress along, and after a pop tart and something to drink. The girls and I laid down and watch cartoons - finally we all fell asleep about 8am, and I was back up about 8:45am. So working on little sleep - I made us scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

We took the girls for a bike ride before my parents came to pick us up for the day. It had stopped raining - so we thought we better get a ride in now before it started to rain again. Well we managed to do a lap around Marble Park to come home cause of the rain. Darn rain - it rained from Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, my parents took us on a little ride around the area. We made a stop at our cottage to drop something off (haven't been to our cottage in almost a year) . While we were at dinner, my sister called to say that the Nascar race was postponed till Monday cause of the rain. So it was funny as the babysitter (me) had to make arrangements with another babysitter (my Mom) to watch the girls, but since she had a meeting Monday night, she had to make arrangements with another babysitter (my brother's gf) to watch the girls.. LOL
We got back to the apartment about 5, and decided to take a bike ride, since Nat was begging to go for one again, and besides it wasn't raining. We (Brian and I) rode our bikes, which Brian towed the girls in the trailer to The Well two miles away. My parents followed us in their vehicle. We had a treat of ice cream and a soda. Brian, Nat, Kaylee, and I headed back to their house. When we got back, I took the girls for a walk around the park, of course it was again raining. We got back we put our pjs on to have a slumber party. We just hung out and relaxed. I took advantage of some stitching time. Well Kaylee now likes to stitch!! She had fun watching me stitch and was tickled to help pull on the needle to make the stitch.

The girls were fast asleep about 10p, so I put them to bed in their beds, came back to do some more stitching - but that didn't last long, as I thought I would just close my eyes and relax. Well I fell fast asleep on the couch, and woke up when Brian sat down on the couch 30 minutes later. I then put myself to bed. I slept in the bed with Natalie, and Kaylee was in her crib. We all got out of bed at 9:30am - and I had to wake Kaylee up!

We got dressed and decided to take our last bike ride. We ended up riding to the post office, and then took another ride around Marble Park. We loaded up our bikes on to the truck, and then headed inside to begin to pack. After our lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, and grapes - Nat and Brian had tattoos put on their arms. It was too cute!

We made alot of memories over the weekend, and having that special bonding time with the girls was well worth it. Nat only had one time out (she wasn't naughty - but it was for something that she said. We had to put an end to what she was talking about).... its amazing what those little ears will pick up, and what comes out of their mouths. Kaylee - well her favorite word was "No" She earned the nickname - "Fawn" those little feet can move. She is soo cute when she runs - she seems so grown up for her age.

I had asked on Saturday night, if they were having fun - I said:
Brian did you enjoy your day - Yes
Natalie did you enjoy your day - Yes
I enjoyed my day
Kaylee, did you enjoy your day - No LOL

I miss them already - and told Natalie that Mom and Dad need to go away more often over night.. LOL

The only sad thing about this weekend, my sister and her hubby never got to see the race, as it was rained out on Monday also. So they were heading home, when we left.


Mylene said...

Glad to hear you had enjoyed the weekend with the girls and great pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

Shari said...

what a wonderful weekend Kim!! Thanks for sharing! Say hi to the girls for me!!!

Irene said...

Great weekend ! Reminds me of when my niece and nephew were little and I would take them to the movies, or when my niece would spend the night and sleep with me, keeping me up grinding her teeth. LOL Memories that will last forever.

Pumpkin said...

That is so sweet Kim! What a great weekend :o)


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