So darn hot..

Ive had to work the past couple days and I'm so THANKFUL that I have to work in air conditioned areas at my employments.. cause I sure wouldn't trade my cool air for the HOT air we have been experiencing lately.

Last night I came home from work, and I was just worn out. I was in bed by 9:30p. Then of course when Brian came to bed, I wasn't tired - I think I was absorbing his heat from him, since he fell asleep. And I just tossed and turned, trying for the life of me to get comfortable to sleep. The fan was blowing on us all night, but my body wasn't happy with my sleeping conditions and kept me up till after 4am.

Tonight when I got home - I tried to stitch but my hands were really sweaty, so I put it down. Thought, what next!? I forgot that I kitted up another kit from work yesterday, and I got out my homework for that. Its the Santa Straddling from The Wooden Bear. I ironed the material to the fusible, cut out the pieces, and laid it out on the cream color background (its the same background as the witch - just haven't made the Santa background yet.) Thought, what the heck I should post a picture. So here it is, a WIP of the Santa.. along with this post... he he


Sandy said...

That's turning out so cute. Love the Santa. TFS

Michele said...

he is sooo cute!!! hope it cools down for you soon :)

The Chicken Lady said...

Cute santa. And YEA, this heat stinks! I'm ready for winter!! Bring on the SNOW!! tee hee

Pumpkin said...

It's hot here too Kim :o( Not fun for stitching. It seems that you start sweating as soon as you pick up the needle. LOL!

The santa is adorable!

Anonymous said...

awwww! He is so adorable. I hope you guys cool down soon.

Rachel said...

Lovin' the santa!!!

Yeah its been really humid lately and it doesn't appear that its letting up anytime soon!! I shouldn't sweat at 7:30am going to work..yuck!!!

Julianne said...

Sant looks adorable. Great job!


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