Yes.... Im still alive!!

I appreciate all the traffic I have thru out the week! Thanks for stopping by! And to those that leave comments.. THANK YOU!!

Yes, as I said in the title... I'm still alive!! It's been a week since I last posted to my blog, and all all I can say is.. I've been B.U.S.Y.! I had worked Thursday - Saturday, had Sunday off. Worked Monday - Tuesday, and had today off.

Thursday while at the quilt shop, I had a quilting friend ask if I would like to do a demo at a quilt show in September. I'm actually going to be a vendor at the show also for the quilt shop. I was sorta put on the spot for a theme.. but I had it before she left - I thought I would spread the word about the internet being a wonderful source of free tips regarding the quilting process, and the evermore abundance of free quilting patterns online. And, also the never ending inspiration you can find looking at someone else's quilts while doing a blog search, and so on.

I really haven't focused on my whole talk... which leads into Saturday. While working at the quilt shop, I had a nice customer comment on a quilt that I made the quilt top for (its not been machine quilted yet), that is being shown as a model. Well one thing lead to another, and she kindly asked if I could make a quilt top for her, using the same material and the pattern on the quilt top. I was very honored 1) being asked to make it for this lady, a person that I had only met a few minutes, 2)making this quilt top again, as I loved making it the first time, and well I guess I can say 3) actually having a source for my demo!!

You see, the quilt's pattern was found online by my quilting mentor, and it was free! So there is the whole focus of my demo... using the quilt as the source of the internet search to find the pattern along with the matching material (which was ordered - but I'm not sure if the material was actually ordered to go with the pattern).. see its amazing what you will find online!!

Ok, so Saturday night I washed the material, and Sunday I was whacking away! I managed to get 40 of the blocks completed - which is like half of the quilt. I started with the easy block. Cause as you can see... I had to cut out 320 - 2 3/4" square blocks! And me, being me - I had to sketch 320 black lines across the square so I can stitch a straight line to make the flying geese blocks.. LOL So here is my progress so far. I wanted to get this post finished before I worked on sewing the squares on to make the flying geese.

Umm lets see, on Sunday, Bri and I went over to Iron Mountain - I had to get some things... and would you know, I had left my list at home. I did very well, but I knew I had to get buttons ... for something. Well I pondered what for.. and for the life of me, I couldn't remember! Go figure!

Well, Tuesday at the quilt shop, it dawned on me what I needed the buttons for!! I need 4 black buttons for the Witch and Santa's eyes. I'm at the point where I can start stitching on the applique. But I wanted the buttons to make it complete. So the two have been put aside for now.

What else... I've been stitching, and making little progress. I still plugging away on Garden Pleasures, but its slow going. Have too much else going on, you can say. Ive been making QSnap Huggers, and its been awesome! I'm getting to point I'm running out of material on some of the fabric selections, and I hope to get more fabrics soon!

Check this out.. I'm going to be starting on Inspirations from Rosewood Manor, on Oct 1, with a SAL with Vickie! We had talked about doing a SAL together, and she decided on a date. I ordered my material, and have received it already. I special ordered a piece of Khaki from Sassy's. The size of the fabric is 32ct Jobelan - 23" x 27" - so take 6" away from those numbers and you will get the size of the finished design!! WOWSERS!! Can I say BIG!! I picked up the floss today, well of course only got one skein of each, and since putting the link in for the chart, I see I need additional skeins.. LOL Sure did my research on this chart! I thought to myself today - gosh, that doesn't seem like its going to be enough floss.

What else can I share... umm I have to work Thursday - Sunday. Off Monday, work Tuesday - Friday, and then a week from Saturday - I get to move for the weekend!! Get to watch my nieces till Monday! Can't wait! Its going to be a surprise till we get there, as my sister can not take the excitement that her oldest gives her. Mwah, cause excitement!?! LOL (For those ladies that attended the retreat with me, you know who I'm talking about!.. LOL) We were chatting last night, and we were talking about our arrival, and I said, "well Nat can stay up till we get there", and it was decided that we will let her sleep, and she will see us in the morning, and I said "Just think of the surprise on her face then!", my sister's response - "yeah she would shit her pants!!! That I don't have to think too hard, as she would.. LOL

Well I think I have written enough to catch up on the week. Had a bday in the family - Happy 27th Birthday Scott (my youngest brother)


Nicole said...

Wow, Inspirations is big! But I'm sure it will also be beautiful! I love the threads and fabric - they are so pretty!

KaLu said...

wow inspirations is huge! but all the colors together look really pretty.
Ur quilt top is beautiful! Good luck working on the second one and thats alot of tiny squares :)

Michele said...

wow, you have been busy! great work on the quilt! and can't wait to see the progress on Inspirations! that is huge .. love the colors and the fabric!

The Chicken Lady said...

Dang girl, you've been busy. I love the orange and black fabrics. The blocks and stitchery look great!

Shari said...

wow! do you ever sleep Kim!?!? My goodness!!!! Everything looks great!!! I would love to be there to see Natalie's face when she sees you guys!!! Have a blast!!

Pumpkin said...

Boy, I would say girl! I LOVE the quilt! The colors are so warm and remind me of autumn :o)

You did a great job on the Santa and the Witch. Don't feel bad about the buttons Kim. I just ordered some GASTs and WDWs and I had no idea why. LOL!

Oh wow! You are really going to test your stitching with that one! That's going to be a long road but I bet it will be much more enjoyable with someone stitching along with you :o)

Anonymous said...

As always ... wonderful pieces you're creating!
I've been spreading the word about your huggers. Spent part of the weekend with stitching friends, one of whom is stitching on an afghan RR. She's frustrated with all of the 'extra' fabric. I pulled out the one hugger I had with me & she set to work making it work with the fabric - and loved it!! Thanks to us, she might finish the RR (which she does NOT like *lol*).


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