Where did August go!?!

.Yep, still here. Busy is a light word to say. With working more days a week, I have to cram everything else into a day off. :) I had one today, and I was busy from the time I woke up, till the time I took a 2 hr nap.. LOL

Last night, I finished up a finish, but I cant post pictures - as the recipient of the finish reads this blog, so no peaking! Clue, its a Snowman!!

Yesterday I received a model job in the mail, and started on it once I got the finish done. Its stitching up really fast! Lots of stitching to be done, that's for sure. But I'm enjoying every stitch!

What else did I do today. Well besides stitching on the model, I worked on a Wildlife panel that we have at work, and I wanted to make it into a display. Today I quilted it with my sewing machine - I found that if I talked nice to the machine it let me do what I wanted to do with it. It turned out really nice!! I just have to hand stitch the binding on, and it will be finished. I'm going to put a branch on the top for a hanger. So I should be taking a walk out in the woods one of these days. :)

Yesterday, while at work at the quilt shop, I had a rep from Blank Quilting stop by and I got to pick out some new fabric selections. :) That was fun!! But I find that some of those fabrics, are like, 'what were they thinking when they designed that'. I have come to realize (which I have known all along) people have different taste. Enough said. The rep left me a freebie for fat quarters. And inside there was this pattern for a travel bag. Ive been wanting to make a bag for so long! Prefect opportunity! We have this print that has been selling good, but I thought, what the heck, that would make an awesome bag! So I picked out the fabric, and the marble prints to go with the fabric.

This afternoon, I started on the bag. I got the layers sewn together, but Ive gotten to the pocket. And I have an issue with it. The directions tell me to "(the pocket) Place on top of lining side of bag, overlapping the raw edge to the center seam by 1/2". Sew through the center seam of the bag. Trim; press towards other side of lining, enclosing the seam. Top stitch 1" from center seam through one outer layer, batting, lining, and pocket on end of the bag." Ok, does that sound confusing to you, cause it does to me.. LOL I'm a picture kind of person, and reading directions, sometimes doesn't do it for me. I would rather have someone show me, or have it illustrated for me. Oh well, I will tackle this bag again, another day.

What else - umm did 3 loads of laundry, and hung on the line.. Like I said, took a 2 hr nap. Made chicken in the crock pot, which was yummy.

Couple days ago, I got all the flying geese blocks all sewn together - all 80 of them! Now its off to make the opposite block, which is just a square with borders. So those should go fast, just need to cut out the fabric, and I can get started on them. :)

Oh yeah!! I got a call today from the framer - the Game Board Sampler is DONE!!! YAHOO!! Its been a long month.. he he. I will post pictures when I get it home tomorrow night!

Thanks to those that left anniversary wishes! (Our 5th anniversary was on Friday). We just spent the day at home. I wanted it that way. :)


Irene said...

You have been one busy girl ! Love the Wildlife panel. Good luck with the bag, can't wait to see it finished. Happy Anniversary !

Pumpkin said...

Happy Anniversary you two! :o)

I LOVE that fabric! The colors are just gorgeous and I can't wait to see the completed bag. You have my mailing address right? ;o)


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