Its pictured backwards for a reason...

A week ago while at the benefit, I had a cousin find out that I cross stitched. She has been looking for someone to help her out with a project that she would need done by Oct 4th.

She described to me that her aunt had stitched a 50th wedding sampler for all the couples in the family on their 50th. Well it was now her turn to celebrate the milestone. So my cousin thought it would be neat if a the same wedding sampler that her aunt had stitched several times - would be gifted to her.

This whole time she is telling me this.. I'm thinking pattern... pattern. I asked her if there was more than one color..LOL I didn't know what to ask. So we made arrangements a week ago Sunday to meet before we came back home.

We met on Sunday afternoon, and she showed me the sampler. I was like... oh wow, I can do this.. easy! So, she had to get me some more details, as I had to change all the info on it to be correct. I came home with the framed finished that was gifted to her parents on their 50th.

So we got home, and I printed out some graph paper, and when I got the email that night with the info.. I started out graphing names of everyone. I got the fabric prepped and waited till Monday night to start stitching.

So, a week later, here it is all finished! I finally received the last of the info today. And was able to finish it.

I had no pattern to use - only was able to go off the framed finish. Its stiched on 14ct Aida, with DMC Floss.

The reason its pictured backwards as I didnt want to share the family history, and I wanted to respect the families privacy. But I still wanted to share, so I thought... turn it around and take a picture.... WAH LA!


Nic said...

Congratulations on your finish, what a nice thought and kudos for your ingenuity!

Anonymous said...

Oh, see, all that frogging *was* worth it! Congratulations.

~ Toni ~ said...

Well done and what a great way to respect their privacy. Happy Stitching, T


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