No More Happy Meals!!

Phone rang... the conversation went something like this..

Me: What?!
Sis: We got them all!
Me: NO WAY, how did you do that.
Sis: We were at the McDonalds in Neenah, and I asked which ones they had available and she said we have them all. I said.. can I buy the rest I need. (which we already had 7 of the 12 - and this is since last Wednesday)
Me: No way.. really!
Sis: Yep, I told her which ones I needed, and she was gone for about 3 minutes - its good no one was behind us as we were in the drive up.
Me: This is cool!
Sis: The girl came out with all the ones I needed, so I bought two in the Happy Meals and then just bought the rest separate.

Sis: Nat is going to crap her pants when she sees them.


You are probably wondered.. what the heck.. what in the world is she talking about..

Back track alittle - my almost 5 year old (in 16 days) niece Natalie - saw the Wizard of Oz back in July on tv, and has been HOOKED on it since. She probably watches the movie about 5 times a week- thanks to her Aunt Kim, who has lent her the DVD. Heck she has probably watched it more than I have in my life time, and Im 32..LOL

Well last week Wednesday I was at McDonalds and I called my sister to let her know that they had the Wizard of Oz dolls as the girls toy in the Happy Meal. Well the frenzy took off from there. We (my sister and I) have been hyped up on which one we can get next. I had the fortunate chance to pick up Dorothy, and today I was lucky to get the Lullaby Muchkin and the Lollipop Munchkin. So our collection includes, Dorothy and Toto in his basket, Glinda The Good Witch, Winged Monkey, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch of the West, Winkie Guard, Tin Man (which Nat calls Oil Can), Scarecrow, Flowerpot, Lullaby, Lollipop, & The Wizard... the collection is complete!

My sis says that Nat carries the dolls and her imagination is just so wild. She even carries them in a little purse.. and my sister is going to continue to pick up the extra dolls in Happy Meals just in case. My sister did say that Nat almost messed her pant when she saw them all - and the first thing she did when she got home was... watched Wizard of Oz.

My plan is to make a little bag for her to carry her dolls in.. and I have found the perfect fabric to make the basket... reminds me of the basket..;)

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Doris said...

Something similar happened to us in my family, my daughter loved the movie "over the edge", and then give them a stuffed animal of the squirrel, the skunk, turtle, and so on. I do not remember the number of pizzas we ate, even some friends were involved in the searches of stuffed animals, until they had the complete collection


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