Sometimes its cheaper to buy online

Today, I had to get G.G.'s (short for Gas Guzzler, a.k.a my Ford Explorer) oil changed. I didn't feel like going up to Iron River to get it where I normally get it changed, so I decided to take it to Iron Mountain - where I also needed to take our deposit cans back.

Well, we were wasting time inside of WalMart. The other day - Tuesday to be in fact. My favorite tv series released its 4th season. Well, Tuesday I was already to order it online, and Brian said. "Wont it be cheaper just to go to the store and pick it up off the shelf - and I can buy it for you with cash." So I said "Probably".

So I just headed over to WalMart.com to check out the price - $30.88.

Today while making my way thru the DVD section - I went down the aisle that has the TV series. They had season - 1 - 3, but no space for season 4. So we headed up to the counter in the electronics and I asked if they had The Office Season 4. She took me to where it was (which was in a different area than we were looking). It was completely empty!

I thought dang it. I wanted to be watching it tonight! I looked at the price. $39.96! I said "wait a minute... at WalMart.com - it said it was $30.88 (and I double checked when I got home too). The associate said that it happens some times, where the items are cheaper on online than in the store. It was $9 more to go to the store to purchase it. I couldn't believe it. I understand that it would have that same affect if you have to pay shipping and handling.

I guess Im off to Amazon.com to purchase! And they have it for $30.99 with free shipping!


Danielle said...

The Office is my favorite show also! I just started collecting the DVD's though, and still need Seasons 1, 3, and 4. Can't wait for Season 5 to start Sept. 26!! Go Jim and Pam!!

Northwoods Woman said...

and it cost you about $9 in gas too!


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