Spent alittle time at the Cabin today...

While it was raining out side, and there was no way I was going outside to deal with the mud and slush - I stayed inside and stitched some snow. Crazy huh?! This is Cabin in the Woods from HAED - there is a picture of the finished design on the sidebar on the right.

Well, if you remember I'm stitching a HAED. Yes, one of those pattern that are huge, and every square is stitched. Well I'm in the process of stitching snow, I'm talking like DMC #s 822, 3024, 753, and 415. So I'm talking greys.

Here is a progress pictures from way back in August. This is the last time I had a updated picture, and its great to compare to.

And here is my progress up till this post. Slowly making progress, in the past 2 days I have put in 1500 stitches alone.

So back in the bag it will go till it starts to scream for me again.

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