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At the care center where I work, we had an art show, today. Family members, staff and local artists where invited to display their work. I was asked to bring in my cross stitch projects, and my quilt that I had made last year.

Well, after getting ready for the "show" the past couple of days. I was totally amazed at all the finishes I had on the table.. and they were mainly finishes from Jan 1, till now. I had several residents and staff coming up to me, and telling me I didnt know you stitched. I thought humm fooled you!.. LOL. I do have a project that I am raffling off for raising funds for the grandfather clock that was purchased for our dining room at the care center.

I had one lady, that was at my table for over 30 minutes admiring my work, and asking several questions. And I had several onlookers looking to, while I was talking with the interested lady. :) It was soo neat to say, I did that! :) I would highly recommend displaying your work, in a art show if ever possible!!

It was funny, cause it seemed like some of the residents were more interested in buying items, rather than just looking at them. I could have sold several pieces, and my quilt. LOL But no, they werent for sale!.. LOL. I even had to have a security watch on the table while I was away working, cause I had the interested resident wanting to buy something, and even came back to check on the show, and she was still admiring the work, and saying that she was going to buy it yet.

It was a fun day! :)

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