What a Weekend!

Thats exactly what it was! It started off on Friday for me. I had a four day weekend.. (and the time just flew!). I spent the day around home, getting ready for the wedding on Saturday. I was asked to dj for my BIL & now SIL wedding. So I was finishing up getting things organized for that. Friday night, Brian & I went down to where the reception was held. He practiced with the band, while I set up my djing equipment (which I used our stereo system for, and 4 large speakers and a 5 disc cd player, and I had a list of over 200 songs that I could play). Saturday we slept in, cause we knew it was going to be a long day. The wedding was @ 2pm. It was a beautiful wedding, I must say! During the pre-reception, Brian played music with other members of the family. While I just visited with some of Brian's family members. We had casual dinner @ 5pm, Brian again played his banjo, and guitar after dinner. From about 7 - 11pm, I played my music. Did the wedding dance 101 music (Chicken Dance.. Hokey Pokey.. etc). It was a blast. If anyone would ask me to do something like this again, I would say, yes! It was a blast! We got home around 11:45 pm, and it took me about 30 minutes just to get the speakers and stereo all hooked up again in our house.. LOL

Sunday morning, we slept in, got up about 10:30am. We went next door and talked with my MIL, and told her about what all happened after she left (cause she had left early). Then got a call around noon.. asking if I would still wanted to help with the cleanup of the wedding. Oh my goodness I wish I had before and after pictures! That place was a MESS! It looked like a party happened the night before.. LOL Three of us (Brian's niece (the groom's daughter), and her husband and I) cleaned on the place for almost 3 hours! Got home - worked around the yard some, had a campfire. Had some company. Sighted a porcupine in our yard. Now we figured out what was chewing on our ramp to our shed. We even sighted it as it was chewing on a old bench outside. Brian and I went over and visited with his brother, and his gf, and family. Boy did we have a good time over there.. we laughed and swapped stories.

Then this morning.. we had to get up and get our boat and my Explorer over to a neighbor, who offered to hook up our trailer lights. We had it over there by 8:30am, he told us it would take about an hour, well he finally drove in our yard alittle after noon. Well we were on Long Lake around 1:30p!!

It was AWESOME! This was my first time on an actual boat. I wasnt nervous at all. I was kinda uneasy at first when I first stepped onto the boat, but after I sat down, and we were just floating.. it was just so cool, to be out on the water!

Of course I couldn't just sit there.. I had to fish! I caught about 4 small bluegills. They werent worth keeping. So we had a hook and release day :) We were out on the water for about 2 hrs. The clouds were starting to look dark, and it was suppose to rain today. And of course we get the boat back on the trailer, the sun started to come back out!

Brian and I felt like we were comfortable out on the boat. Brian at first was uncertain about the seats in the boat (they are the ones that swivel, and you are higher up in the boat) But all he kept saying after we got home was - it was awesome!

We both got sunburned today! I didnt think I would, cause I dont sunburn easy like Brian does. But Im feeling it now! Oh and we even had the newlyweds over for a bit.

I have to work the next few days, but we have it planned that we are going out on Friday again! Now we just have to work the camping part into all our boating.. LOL

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