Time for an update :)

Well where does the time go!

Well since last updating.. we are still waiting for the boat that we are getting. The tung pole needs to be welded onto the trailer.. well, we are still waiting for the welding to take place.

Over this past weekend (Sunday - Tuesday) I was down in Milwaukee for the Alzheimer's Association state of Wisconsin conference. It was a joy to represent the nursing home I work for, and to learn new facts of the disease. There was a speaker that actually has Alzheimers. Its amazing the preceptions you put upon people, that have the disease. It was a great conference.. I came away with alot of ideas for different activities, and just some reminders of what I need to do.

I have finished a couple cross stitching projects over the past week. Currently working on a couple now.

Have been enjoying the weather.. finally starting to look like spring again. Have been in my shorts today. Was over visiting with my brother inlaw, and future sister inlaw, saw their new house.. and just visited for awhile.

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