Im still alive!

Where have the days gone! I just started a 4 day weekend! (WOOHOO!). This is Memorial Day weekend... we had planned to go camping, but our plans got changed. So we decided just to stay home, and well, relax! We also need to go and get your boat registered. Oh, and we got our fishing licenses on Tuesday.. cant wait to go and drown some worms :)

We have a garden to get ready for planting - need to replace the fence, and Brian needs to till the garden. On Saturday, Brian's brother is getting married. So that day is pretty much taken up for the wedding. I was asked to play some music, so I have been getting ready for that for the past week. Im excited about playing music, I will have to find the time to dance.. LOL. Sunday and Monday, we will just hang out.. and relax! Relax is going to be the keyword for the weekend!

On the stitching front... well I havent touched the needle in about a week or so. I remember what I finished last, but I cant remember what day I finished it on. I think Im going to sit down tonight and start a new project :)

An accomplishment that happened for me.. is that I now have all the snippets of the Lizzie*Kate designs :D! (WOOHOO). I collect cross stitch designs of LK. I love her designs, cause they really suit my stitching style. Now I would like to have all the charts collected, but Im sure I will never have them all :(, cause they are so hard to come by, especially on ebay. I received my first online order from Stitching Bits and Bobs... it took about a month to get the order cause one of the patterns was on back order, which I completed my snippet part of my collection. Going to have to order from them again.

Stay tuned, cause I should be getting word as to what the next arrival of the Mathison family will be. Lisa was to find out the sex of the baby that her and Glen are expecting in October, today.

My niece Natalie, found herself in the emergency room Tuesday night. She found that by sticking your finger in a pop can, can give you 2 stitches! She is doing good :)

Well I think that is all for now.. keep posted for updates, and pictures :D

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