My weekend!

Well I got to spend the weekend with this adorable girl! This is a picture of my niece Natalie. She turned 19 months today!

Natalie 05-15-05 Posted by Hello

I have been so busy this past week since Wednesday, that's all I can remember! On Wednesday, I worked on cleaning the house, and preparing for an art show that we had at work on Thursday. I posted pictures of the Art in Kerr to my webshots ( http://community.webshots.com/album/344145031csBLyr ) Its amazing to see my work laid out on the table, and seeing how much I have finished since about Jan 1.. LOL Must have been all my stitching from having cabin fever.

I had to work Thursday and Friday - 10 hrs.each day. Friday after work, I met up with my Mom, Amy, and Natalie (who is 19month old today) @ a hotel in Iron River, MI. They came up to visit Brian and I. I spent Fri night - Sun morning with them. We really enjoyed our weekend with the girls! I came home to find that our boat has finally arrived! Brian was like a little boy at Christmas today!.. LOL

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