Brian's Great Nieces

This past week, Brian's niece and her family spent the week up visiting the family.

Tonight after work, I came home from work, the plan was to have a campfire, but it was really cool outside. Brian and I were invited next door, cause, the girls were going to sing for Grandpa and Grandma (my inlaws), before they have to leave tomorrow, to head back to Ohio.

I walked in, and Brian's great niece's were singing. Genevieve, who just turned 12 today, was singing. OMG can that girl sing! I think that her parents are going to have a hit on their hands! She was singing "Something More" by Sugarland. She was soo good! Her sister Madeline (who is 9), also sang along to "God Bless the USA". Genevieve sang "Suds On The Bucket" for me. (I love that song!) It was awesome! Madeline, sang "Blue". (I like Madeline's version better!). Genevieve, also sang her "signature" song, "Cowboy's Sweetheart", with all the yodeling! It was amazing!

A couple months ago, we were given their cd, that they had recorded. Its a really good cd. I cant wait to hear more from them, in the future! ~ To bad we didnt live closer, I would be at their shows! ~ But I guess we will have to settle on being their fans, from Wisconsin :)

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