~*~ Discovering the Pine River ~*~

Yesterday, was my day off. We wanted to go camping, and the weather wasn't cooperating. It was cool and it looked like it was going to rain all day. Well about 3:30pm, we got word that our camping neighbors were going to go out in the camper, and wanted to know if we wanted to go. Well, I simply said "YES!"

We got to the campsite about 5:30p. Brian made a campfire, while I got the camper situated (I'm a picky person, if you didn't know.. LOL). We had hot dogs over the fire, and potato chips, and pickles of course!. Made s'mores for dessert (managed to loose only 3 into the fire). About 8:30p, we headed down to where our camping neighbors had their camper. We sat around the campfire till about 1am, and headed back to our camper.

When we got back, Brian made another fire, and we sat out by the campfire for awhile. When it was time to go inside and close the curtains... Brian and I happen to be on the end of the trailer, closing the curtains, and doing alittle organizing. Well, all of a sudden, the camper came off the block it was on, and moved forward. The part, that raises and lowers the hitch onto the vehicle, (still haven't figured out what its called) went into the ground about 3 inches! Brian's first reaction was a bear was outside our camper, and was trying to get in.. the look on his face was priceless! I knew what had happen right away. I finally convinced him to go out and look to see what happen. I was right. We tried to get the trailer on the truck, but guess what.. it was about 1.5 inches too short! Mind you, its like 2 a.m.! We tried calling our camping neighbors, if they had a jack in the vehicle. I have one in mine, but I don't know how to work it. We drove home, got back to the camp about 2:45 am. We got the trailer out of the ground. Got it stabilized, and guess what!.. Its rolled again. We figured we had parked it on the hill, and with us being in the back of the trailer, it caused it to move forward. We finally got the trailer onto my truck, and we slept in the camper with it hooked up to the truck.

We finally got out of bed about 10am! We called down to our camping neighbors, and they were packing up to leave for home. Since Brian wanted to go too, we packed up camp. We were home about 11am.

I was asked if I would like to go swimming to Bayshore camp.. I was excited about going there. We got there.. and it has a bigger swimming area (this is on the same river that we camp, but its 5 miles up stream yet!) It was beautiful! We were there about 1.5 hrs, and had one heck of a ride coming out! It was more fun than an amusement ride.. LOL We thought we were going to tip the Jeep over.. LOL.

Well I'm all dried off now.. and I think I'm going to go and relax alittle, and do some stitching.

Gosh I LOVE the Northwoods!

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