I had 5 days off, Wednesday thru Sunday, of those 5 days, we spent 3 nights in the tent, and 5 of them camping!

Wednesday - Thursday, we camped about a mile from here, along the Pine River. We spent it in the "condo" tent (cause its so big, sleeps 6). We camped with Mark and Barb. We had a great time! And I survived camping with the bears!

Got up on Thursday morning, and I went swimming in the river, it was soooo refreshing! We packed up camp on Thursday afternoon. We had gone to check on another camping site that we wanted to spend some time at.. but there were ppl camping in our spot. So we checked out another campsite on Thursday... We decided to take Thursday night off, and head out to the other campsite on Friday. Well we put up camp on Friday evening. We just made it by 10 minutes, as someone else was going to camp there.

It was walk in camping, meant that everything had to be carried in. Well on Thursday, I went out and bought a new tent (the dome kind, and it sleeps 4), a new air matteress, and a new carry cooler. Friday night, Mark and Barb went out in their boat, and Brian and I fished from shore. I was catching panfish, and my best catch was a 9.25 inch perch (which I thought was a bass, reeling it in.. LOL) Mark and Barb had caught some fish, so we had a little fish fry, over the campfire. We slept great on the air matteress.

I woke up about 6am, and by 6:45am, Barb and I were out in the boat, fishing! I was catching panfish again, and caught a nice sized bluegill. The sky wasnt looking all the greatest, so Barb and I went back to shore. I released my bluegill. Brian and I left camp about 10am, and went to town to get a few things that would be needed if we decided to spend another night. Brian's other brother Jon and his family were suppose to come out camping with us, but they didnt make it Friday night. So we were all kinda bummed. Brian and I got back to camp about 11:30am. Mark and Barb left to go home about 2, and said they wouldnt be back till atleast after 5pm. So I took a nap, actually Im glad I did, cause I was tired. About 4pm, I heard, "I hope your decent" .... LOL Here Barb and Mark, had Jon, Lia, Destiny, and Stevie with! Everyone was really happy!

Once everything, and one got settled, everyone went fishing. The fish werent biting good :(. Brian's other brother, Jimmy, & his wife Lisa, came to visit our camp. It was an early night for me, for some reason.. seemed like the night was draging on. Then I think I know why I was soo tired.

About 2am, I woke up... it was lightening and thundering! It was constant lightening and thundering! It was scary! Especially when we were in a tent! It stormed from 2am till 5am! I was so scared that I was physically shaking! And I had to use the bathroom so bad.. thank goodness for a cup.. LOL. Well we survived the storm. I got up about 5:15am, and everything was soaked! In our tent we had about an inch of rain! Good thing for our air matteress, or we would have been in water!

We were home by 7am, and I was in bed by 8:30am.. LOL We went back later in the afternoon to get our tent, chairs, air matteress, and to help carry in the boat.

It was an awesome weekend.. and I cant wait to get camping again! .... And Im going to buy a new tent.. found out the reason we got wet, is cause our rain fly wasnt big enough!

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