Conway's 1!

This is a picture of Conway and Scott,
see Conway is showing how old he is going to be :)
This past weekend, Brian and I went down to visit my family have to celebrate Conway's 1st birthday! Which is today (July 11th)
We had a great time! We left early Saturday morning, and got down to Winneconne (my sister's house) @ noon, we had plans to go to Nekimi for the mud runs. My mom, Brian, Gregg, Amy, Natalie and I, met up with Scott, Conway, Glen, and Lisa at the mud runs. We were there for awhile, but it was a hot one! Later in the evening, we met up with my dad, and went out for dinner.
Conway's party was on Sunday afternoon. We had alot of fun! Conway got alot of toys! Lots of firetrucks, tractors, clothes, and even a tricycle (from us) Here is Conway with his Mommy (Jenny) openning one of his gifts

Happy 1st Birthday Conway!

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