Aunt Pim

Ok, this I guess is what Im going to be known now to my niece Natalie.. LOL

I was talking on the phone with my sister, and she goes to Natalie, want to talk with Aunt Kim.. and next thing Natalie says, was "Aunt Pim!".. LMAO

I was talking with Natalie on the phone (she is quite the talker), she was eating potato chips, and I was talking with her about coming down in a week to see her, and go to Conway's 1st birthday next Sunday. And she is just jabbering along. And I asked her what she was eating.. LOL, my sister started laughing, well, Natalie preceded to show me the potato chip thru the phone.. LMAO.

Natalie will be 2 in October... so she is 20.5 months.

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