Quilt Class - 10/06

This is what I did in class today! And I came home and worked on my homework ~ the rest of the 19 (only took me 6 hrs!) blocks So I spent about 9 hrs today on the quilt.

Click on the picture to see it get bigger... Also, the block is actually about 125% larger than this picture.

I had to fussy cut the middle block - cause I was going for the moose in each block.. well I was successful in about 13 of them, and some of the blocks have trees, and mostly brown background. I had to cut, and triangle the other two prints. Before I left class I had one of the blocks completed. The teacher and another student had asked if I wanted to go for lunch, and I said I would love too, but I should get working on the blocks so I for sure had them done by next weeks class. Well Im glad I came home and worked on them.. I had thought about sewing them together next Wednesday night, but that would have been a sleepless night, since I spent 6hrs on it at home!

So today, I cut (at class), pieced the 20 blocks together (pieced on pattern, sew, cut the raw edges, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, pieced, sew, cut, iron, cut, one block). My neck hurts the most, and my butt.. LOL

Well I should get going, I have a mess to clean up from all the work.. LOL Check back next week for a quilting update :)

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