Halloween Party @ ALKHC

Yesterday at work, we had our Halloween party for the residents, and trick a treating for the kids (the school kids came over and enjoyed the trick a treating as much as the residents enjoyed passing out the candy.)

Each department was asked to carve a pumpkin to be in the pumpkin decorating contest. Well I had offered to do one for the Activity Dept. My coworkers pointed out a pumpkin that they thought would be neat to have done up. Well I looked at the magazine, and thought oh boy.. LOL It was a picture of a cat made out of a pumpkin and different gourds. Well my supervisor picked up the different gourds that she could get that resembled the ones in the pictures.

Brian helped me on Thursday night. We did alittle brainstorming, and with the help of the picture, we came up with this...

CatPumpkin won the prize for the most creative. I received alot of compliments on the pumpkin that it was too cute. And they enjoyed looking at it.

I also dressed up in my annual Scarecrow costume. I think some of the residents didnt know who I was, cause one of the residents asked me after I took off my costume.. "Oh, when did you get here?"... LOL

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