A Day in the life of .. Me :)

What a day! Well it all really started last night. I was using my laptop, put it down onto the chair, so I could go and use the bathroom. I noticed that when I put it down, the screen went darker than normal ~ meaning that the power supply came loose. Well with having a battery on the laptop, it says on. Well I didn't think much of it, so I went to the bathroom, came back to work on the laptop again. Still after trying to get the computer to recognize the power adapter, it didn't. Well I was feeling bummed about that, and I told Bri since I was going to Rhinelander, I would stop at OfficeMax, and get a replacement adaptor, no big deal.. Well stay tune to the rest of the story.

Today I had...
... woke up to it thundering and down pouring, so I sat down and stitched for awhile, while I waited a little while before I would take a shower. Left the house about 9am to drive to Eagle River (35 miles away)
.... a dentist appt. (10am) ~ just the cleaning, well it turned into the cleaning from heck.. LOL I had to have the “sonic deep cleaning”, and have to go back in 2 weeks to have medicine put between my teeth and gums. If you have met me ~ you will notice that my teeth are not perfect lots of crowding ~ well this is suppose to help my teeth and gums, from well, falling out. Only $663 later (thank goodness for insurance - but I think I need to correct them on that, cause I believe they over charged the insurance 3 procedures!) And when I go on the 20th, I have to have the medicine put in, and I was informed that my insurance may not pay for it..
and that is could cost about $207!?! Gosh, give me a pliers, and get it over with.. I don't think that my teeth are worth this much.. LOL
....drove to Rhinelander (about 20 miles)..
....stopped @ Wal-Mart to see if they sold any of the power adapters I needed, since I had bought the laptop from Wal-Mart, I figured they would, but they didn't.
....went over to Office Max, nope, directed me to go to this one computer place ~ which she gave me the wrong directions, but now I know where the Rhinelander High School is.. LOL
....found the computer place, gosh $22.50 for 30 minutes of service, man oh man, I'm in the wrong business. I explained the problem ~ that I was pretty sure it was the power adapter, but he keep it to “check it out”
.... treated myself to the #2 @ McD Supper Club - they started the Monopoly game today.
.... as I was eating my lunch, I drove around Rhinelander and didn't get lost.
.... stopped at Ben Franklin and they are closing, so they had a 40% off everything in the store, didn't do to bad .. LOL Did get some DMC floss, but I wish I had my list, cause I would have gotten more to add to the stash, but I was good.
....went back to the computer place to pick up the laptop. Yes I was right! It was the power adapter, and that I needed to contact HP to get a new one. He didn’t charge me for looking at the laptop. (WOOHOO)
....did grocery shopping at Aldi’s
.... back to Wal-Mart to pick up the odds and ends I still needed for quilting class.
.... had to go to Hancock Fabrics to get a special ruler I need for Thursday.
.... got home about 4:30p, it was raining most of the day - hard - but it wasn't when I got home, thank goodness.
.... unpacked the truck, put the groceries away.
.... called HP ~ new adapter is going to be here in about a day or two (WOOHOO)
....here I am, on the old PC, well not really old.. LOL but I miss the typing on the laptop, and I miss everything on my laptop, cause its more convient, cause I know where everything is.. LOL
Well, I guess time to read thru my emails.

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