Quilt Class ~ 10/20

This is the block I worked on yesterday. It was alittle of a challenge. But I also had some disappointment. The outer corners ~ I was short material for 10 full blocks, and in my frustration of it all, I wacked up 3 blocks. Last night I went back to where the class is held, to see if I had mistakenly left some of the my material that I had cut somewhere, nope. I also thought that the store where I bought the material would be open, last night. Nope. Well I went back up to Iron River today, and searched, but nope. Word of the wise, dont ask the ppl that work in fabric if they have seen or sold out of the fabric, or you will get a dirty look.. LOL

Couldnt find the exact same material at the same store where I originally bought the material. So the 13 blocks are going to have a different outer design. I stuck with the same theme. The extra material is a similar print, but a different color. I have looked at the layout of the quilt, and I have found a soulution to where to place the "odd blocks". Besides this quilt is for me :).

I will scan the block probably on Tuesday, after I finish them (thats my next day off). Just need to have them done by Thursday.

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