Went "Home" For the Weekend

What a weekend! We had 3 main reasons to go south for the weekend. 1- welcome our new niece, Katie 2 - celebrate my niece Natalie's 2nd birthday, and 3 - just to have a mini vacation.

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It all started on Thursday when Brian and I headed down to see my family. If you have been reading, I had a new niece born on Monday. We got to see her on Thursday, she is so precious! Such a a good girl! She has a full head of hair, with the dark hair already past her ears.

Friday we went for lunch, and later in the day we went shopping to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. We went for dinner on Friday, Natty even got a candle in her icecream. I think I have seen everything with the Cinderella name on this past weekend, cause Natty has gone nutts with Cinderella.

I wish I had a camcorder @ midnight on Saturday ~ which was Natalie's birthday. She was so excited, she was jumping up and down, and shouting "Im 2". She was clapping, and dancing, and running around the house just like a 2 yr old should be.. but she just too anxious.

On Saturday morning, we got up and headed to the party venue, the famous family gathering place, the Winchester Town Hall.
If you havent guessed what the party theme was, well, Im going to let you know.. LOL It was a Cinderella (Disney Princess) party. Natalie even received a Cinderella dress, and the glass (plastitc slippers). She receieved the Cinderella DVD (from us), and lots of other Cinderella themed items. She got lots of new toys, and clothes. She was so excited that everytime she openned a present, she wanted to play. So Amy finally had to "help" her along, or we would have been there for alot longer.. LOL.

Natalie even had a cupcake cake that was the shape as Cinderella's carriage. It was too cute! She had a blast at her party! Her cousins Conway, and Katie, and along with a friend were there to help her enjoy all her new toys.

Later in the evening, Mom, Dad, Brian, Natalie and I went out for dinner. We went to one of our favorite resturants when we are down to visit. Since they had a band, Natty was able to do some dancing. Give that girl music, and she is shaking her thang... LOL Since Amy and Gregg had gone to a wedding, once Brian, Nat and I got back to Nat's house (since that is where we stayed for the weekend). The plan was to watch Cinderella, and Nat was able to be Cinderella. Well, problem was, when it came to bedtime, Nat insisted on having Cinderella on the tv.. LOL So she could sleep with her. But I did manage to convince her to hold on to the DVD box, cause Cinderella was inside. Oh, and she had to wear her glass slippers to bed.. LOL It was alot of fun, even though she finally crashed about 1am!

On Sunday we woke up, and went over and visited with my Grandma. Natalie of course had to be Cinderella again, and showed off her dress to Grandma. On our way home, we stopped again, and said our goodbyes to my parents, had a little visit also. We got home about 3 this afternoon.
I have placed some pictures on this blog, hope they turn out ok. I love pictures (if you havent noticed)

Picture on Left: Lisa, Katie, Glen
Picture On Right: Conway

Picture on Left: Brian, Katie, Kim
Picture On Right: Scott, Conway, Amy, Natalie, Glen, Katie

Picture on Left: Dad, Conway, Natalie, Katie, Mom (Picture of the grandparents and grandchildren)
Picture On Right:Glen, Grandma W, Katie, Mom (Four generations)
The Birthday girl, dances the night away

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