Grandma's Funeral

We returned home from Winchester this evening. We went down yesterday morning for Grandma Mathison's funeral. Got to my parents house about noon, and visited. My mom and I had a hair appt @ 2:15. We went to the funeral home about 3:15pm, and had to wait till about 3:30p, for the funeral director to get there.

We had a nice picture display of Grandma which I worked on when we got there. We saw my Grandma, she looked BEAUTIFUL! She was in the same dress that is posted in a few post below. Alot of people came to the wake on Monday night. We went out to the Village Pub in Winneconne. There were 15 of us. The waitress's jaw dropped when I told her that there were 15 of us, and that we wanted to eat.. LOL Her response was, 15, with no reservations... LOL Yep! We had a great time!

This morning for Grandma's funeral we were there about an hour and a half before the service. There were alot of people for the service. Lots of family and friends. The service was beautiful!
When we saw Grandma one last time, our whole family stood around the casket, and Conway (with Scott's help) placed the same rose that he brought to Grandma the night she died, in the casket with her. We all said our goodbyes and walked out of the church, so that the casket could be closed, and we entered again for the service. At the graveside, we waited, and watched Grandma's casket and vault go down into the ground. We even saw Grandpa's vault ~ since the ground is very sandy, the ground caved some, and they had to make due, and Grandpa's vault was visible.

We had a luncheon after the service, and it was amazing the people that stayed, and had fellowship with us. The workers at the luncheon were very helpful, and giving of their time.

Brian and I came home this afternoon, I was tired, but managed to get home safe and sound.

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