What a day!

Where I took my quilting class, the owner was hosting a open house for her quilting studio today. I told her that I could come by in the morning, and just be like a student in her class area, and work on my quilt that Im making for my mom.

Well I got there about 10am, and did alittle finishing up of last minute things that she didnt get around to doing. People were starting to come @ 10am, so we were busy getting things settled. I had managed to get my machine set up, and somewhat organized the quilt blocks that I was going to stitch on. Well I managed to get about 2 blocks done, cause I had so many onlookers admiring the Northwoods quilt that I just finished, and had there to "show off". Lots of ohhh, and ahhs from the ladies. I was really proud of the quilt, and since this is my first "big" quilt, I was happy to show it off.

I left the quilt to have Laurie Jean quilt for me, I cant wait to see what she ends up quilting on the quilt. :)

Came home from the open house, and Brian said that my dad had called, and it had to do with my Grandma Mathison, being in the hospital, and the outcome doesnt look good.

In the evening I had a djing gig. Well it was so easy, since I only played for about an hour. The surprise party was a flop. Not too many ppl stayed around for the music. I guess that most of them had gotten drunk the night before, and were more into going to a bar, than stay and mingle. So it took me more time to get everything ready and set up, and taken down and put back where I got it from, than the time I had to play. Easy money...:)

Came home from the gig around 8:30pm. My dad had called again and gave us an update about my Grandma, it doesnt look good. Im planning on going down tomorrow and see her.

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