Went home..

We went down on Tuesday to see my Grandma Mathison. When we got there to see her, my uncle was there waiting for us to arrive. My Grandma is on her own ~ nothing more can be done for her :(. We wanted to see her before she dies. Im so happy I took the day off ~ I think Im entitled to be there for my family at this time of need, cause I sure needed it! She knew we were there, cause we would talk with her, and she would either moan or mumble something. We told her we loved her several times, and she responded back.

It so hard to see her like that, but its also was a nice closure to be there, be surrounded by family.

We spent alot of time with her. And Im so glad we did. We came back today (Thursday), and she is still with us... unmarkably!

Love you Grandma Mathison!

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