Saturday ~ 11/26

Today I wanted to do something, and with so much to do.. I started out with doing the laundry, 5 loads later, I think Im done! Other than that, what else did I do today? Went to the post office to buy some stamps, and to send out some blocks that I stitched for other members of a cross stitch group Im involved with. Organized the DMC floss that I received for my birthday. I stashed most of them, since the floss bobbins were quite full yet. I started some pork baby back ribs that I bought last week. I made them in the roaster oven that Brian gave me for my birthday. They were yummy, when we did finally eat them :)

Went over and visited some with Brian's parents. Worked on the quilt blocks for my mom's quilt. Have 2 of the quilt blocks blocks (yes thats a repeat... LOL) finished (YEAH!). Twenty of the bigger block, and 30 of the smaller block. I just need to wash and cut the other block pieces. Need to measure the darker material, since I bought enough to make the border for the quilt. Then I will sew the 49 blocks together, then I can start piecing the quilt together.

And now, I think Im going to start a new project ~ cross stitching that is.. but what.. I have so much to work on.. that nothing at the moment is screaming at me... STITCH ME!

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