Its going to be a girl!

My sister in law (my brother Glen's wife), Lisa called tonight, and left a message.

This is Lisa, I dont know if your Mom, or Amy (my sister) told you yet.
Glen and I thought we should call you.
But they were going to have a girl!
We are going to name her Katie Marie
Just wanted you to know. Talk with you later, Bye"

WOOHOO! Going to have another niece! And she is going to have the same middle name as me! :)

What a Weekend!

Thats exactly what it was! It started off on Friday for me. I had a four day weekend.. (and the time just flew!). I spent the day around home, getting ready for the wedding on Saturday. I was asked to dj for my BIL & now SIL wedding. So I was finishing up getting things organized for that. Friday night, Brian & I went down to where the reception was held. He practiced with the band, while I set up my djing equipment (which I used our stereo system for, and 4 large speakers and a 5 disc cd player, and I had a list of over 200 songs that I could play). Saturday we slept in, cause we knew it was going to be a long day. The wedding was @ 2pm. It was a beautiful wedding, I must say! During the pre-reception, Brian played music with other members of the family. While I just visited with some of Brian's family members. We had casual dinner @ 5pm, Brian again played his banjo, and guitar after dinner. From about 7 - 11pm, I played my music. Did the wedding dance 101 music (Chicken Dance.. Hokey Pokey.. etc). It was a blast. If anyone would ask me to do something like this again, I would say, yes! It was a blast! We got home around 11:45 pm, and it took me about 30 minutes just to get the speakers and stereo all hooked up again in our house.. LOL

Sunday morning, we slept in, got up about 10:30am. We went next door and talked with my MIL, and told her about what all happened after she left (cause she had left early). Then got a call around noon.. asking if I would still wanted to help with the cleanup of the wedding. Oh my goodness I wish I had before and after pictures! That place was a MESS! It looked like a party happened the night before.. LOL Three of us (Brian's niece (the groom's daughter), and her husband and I) cleaned on the place for almost 3 hours! Got home - worked around the yard some, had a campfire. Had some company. Sighted a porcupine in our yard. Now we figured out what was chewing on our ramp to our shed. We even sighted it as it was chewing on a old bench outside. Brian and I went over and visited with his brother, and his gf, and family. Boy did we have a good time over there.. we laughed and swapped stories.

Then this morning.. we had to get up and get our boat and my Explorer over to a neighbor, who offered to hook up our trailer lights. We had it over there by 8:30am, he told us it would take about an hour, well he finally drove in our yard alittle after noon. Well we were on Long Lake around 1:30p!!

It was AWESOME! This was my first time on an actual boat. I wasnt nervous at all. I was kinda uneasy at first when I first stepped onto the boat, but after I sat down, and we were just floating.. it was just so cool, to be out on the water!

Of course I couldn't just sit there.. I had to fish! I caught about 4 small bluegills. They werent worth keeping. So we had a hook and release day :) We were out on the water for about 2 hrs. The clouds were starting to look dark, and it was suppose to rain today. And of course we get the boat back on the trailer, the sun started to come back out!

Brian and I felt like we were comfortable out on the boat. Brian at first was uncertain about the seats in the boat (they are the ones that swivel, and you are higher up in the boat) But all he kept saying after we got home was - it was awesome!

We both got sunburned today! I didnt think I would, cause I dont sunburn easy like Brian does. But Im feeling it now! Oh and we even had the newlyweds over for a bit.

I have to work the next few days, but we have it planned that we are going out on Friday again! Now we just have to work the camping part into all our boating.. LOL

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Im still alive!

Where have the days gone! I just started a 4 day weekend! (WOOHOO!). This is Memorial Day weekend... we had planned to go camping, but our plans got changed. So we decided just to stay home, and well, relax! We also need to go and get your boat registered. Oh, and we got our fishing licenses on Tuesday.. cant wait to go and drown some worms :)

We have a garden to get ready for planting - need to replace the fence, and Brian needs to till the garden. On Saturday, Brian's brother is getting married. So that day is pretty much taken up for the wedding. I was asked to play some music, so I have been getting ready for that for the past week. Im excited about playing music, I will have to find the time to dance.. LOL. Sunday and Monday, we will just hang out.. and relax! Relax is going to be the keyword for the weekend!

On the stitching front... well I havent touched the needle in about a week or so. I remember what I finished last, but I cant remember what day I finished it on. I think Im going to sit down tonight and start a new project :)

An accomplishment that happened for me.. is that I now have all the snippets of the Lizzie*Kate designs :D! (WOOHOO). I collect cross stitch designs of LK. I love her designs, cause they really suit my stitching style. Now I would like to have all the charts collected, but Im sure I will never have them all :(, cause they are so hard to come by, especially on ebay. I received my first online order from Stitching Bits and Bobs... it took about a month to get the order cause one of the patterns was on back order, which I completed my snippet part of my collection. Going to have to order from them again.

Stay tuned, cause I should be getting word as to what the next arrival of the Mathison family will be. Lisa was to find out the sex of the baby that her and Glen are expecting in October, today.

My niece Natalie, found herself in the emergency room Tuesday night. She found that by sticking your finger in a pop can, can give you 2 stitches! She is doing good :)

Well I think that is all for now.. keep posted for updates, and pictures :D


My weekend!

Well I got to spend the weekend with this adorable girl! This is a picture of my niece Natalie. She turned 19 months today!

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I have been so busy this past week since Wednesday, that's all I can remember! On Wednesday, I worked on cleaning the house, and preparing for an art show that we had at work on Thursday. I posted pictures of the Art in Kerr to my webshots ( http://community.webshots.com/album/344145031csBLyr ) Its amazing to see my work laid out on the table, and seeing how much I have finished since about Jan 1.. LOL Must have been all my stitching from having cabin fever.

I had to work Thursday and Friday - 10 hrs.each day. Friday after work, I met up with my Mom, Amy, and Natalie (who is 19month old today) @ a hotel in Iron River, MI. They came up to visit Brian and I. I spent Fri night - Sun morning with them. We really enjoyed our weekend with the girls! I came home to find that our boat has finally arrived! Brian was like a little boy at Christmas today!.. LOL

Our "new ~ used" boat

Well we finally got it! Our boat was delivered this morning! Brian was so excited, that he was sitting in the boat, pretending there was water underneath.. LOL. He did get the oars put on the boat where he wanted them to be. He got one of the seats working properly. Now only have minor work to be done on the boat, and then its ready for war with the fishy's!.. LOL

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Art In The Kerr

Posted pictures @ http://community.webshots.com/album/344145031csBLyr

At the care center where I work, we had an art show, today. Family members, staff and local artists where invited to display their work. I was asked to bring in my cross stitch projects, and my quilt that I had made last year.

Well, after getting ready for the "show" the past couple of days. I was totally amazed at all the finishes I had on the table.. and they were mainly finishes from Jan 1, till now. I had several residents and staff coming up to me, and telling me I didnt know you stitched. I thought humm fooled you!.. LOL. I do have a project that I am raffling off for raising funds for the grandfather clock that was purchased for our dining room at the care center.

I had one lady, that was at my table for over 30 minutes admiring my work, and asking several questions. And I had several onlookers looking to, while I was talking with the interested lady. :) It was soo neat to say, I did that! :) I would highly recommend displaying your work, in a art show if ever possible!!

It was funny, cause it seemed like some of the residents were more interested in buying items, rather than just looking at them. I could have sold several pieces, and my quilt. LOL But no, they werent for sale!.. LOL. I even had to have a security watch on the table while I was away working, cause I had the interested resident wanting to buy something, and even came back to check on the show, and she was still admiring the work, and saying that she was going to buy it yet.

It was a fun day! :)


Finished a ring pillow

I sat down tonight, and took some time and worked on some tuck pillows, using the finished designs I had.
Well this is the one I did for my BIL, and his future wife. I made a ring pillow for their wedding. The ring will tie on over the "o" in love. You cant see the back, but its has a purple floral print for the material.

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Swimming Bear

This is a swimming bear that I stitched for a block swap. The theme was swimming. Posted by Hello

Time for an update :)

Well where does the time go!

Well since last updating.. we are still waiting for the boat that we are getting. The tung pole needs to be welded onto the trailer.. well, we are still waiting for the welding to take place.

Over this past weekend (Sunday - Tuesday) I was down in Milwaukee for the Alzheimer's Association state of Wisconsin conference. It was a joy to represent the nursing home I work for, and to learn new facts of the disease. There was a speaker that actually has Alzheimers. Its amazing the preceptions you put upon people, that have the disease. It was a great conference.. I came away with alot of ideas for different activities, and just some reminders of what I need to do.

I have finished a couple cross stitching projects over the past week. Currently working on a couple now.

Have been enjoying the weather.. finally starting to look like spring again. Have been in my shorts today. Was over visiting with my brother inlaw, and future sister inlaw, saw their new house.. and just visited for awhile.


Mathison Fire Truck

My dad has always wanted his own fire truck. Well his dream came true. He has a older style fire truck that he has in parades, and likes to show off. My brothers Scott and Glen have done alot of work on it.. Take a look at the door, yes it says Mathison Fire Dept.

This picture was taken on my DB & SIL wedding day. From l to r: me, Amy, Mom, Lisa, Glen, Scott, Dad.


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