Baking cookies

I'm sorry to say, but you just missed her.. who you ask?! Betty Crocker wanna-be just left! And of course she even did my dishes for me. Who the heck is this BC lady!? Well its ME!

I was told informed that I needed to have 1 dozen of a variety of 3 different cookies by Friday. My first thought.. humm, wonder if MIL would do this for me. Nope, that's out. She fell on Monday and broke her pelvis bone. Ok.... lets see, my next day off is Wednesday, and they need to be in by Friday... wait a minute.. I have to work Friday at the nursing home, and Thursday, I have work at my fun job, which is where I need to take the cookies. So, that makes for it TODAY!

Flipped a coin. Yep, I was nominated to make my own cookies today.. LOL You see.. I'm one of those, go to the store and buy them. Scraping off the "Oreo" on the cookie is my thing! (IM KIDDING!!). So, making cookies is a BIG deal for me!

It all started on Monday night, when I went thru the cupboards to see what I had and needed. Well, since I'm baking cookies all the time lazy at making home made cookies, I pretty much needed everything! So, I had an email sent me me (THANKS Michelle!) and I started going thru the different recipes. I decided on Peanut Butter Blossom (the one with the Hershey kiss), Gumdrop, and Oatmeal Scotchies. The Peanut Butter Blossom, and the Oatmeal Scotches, I got the recipe off the back of their bags. The Gumdrop cookies, I got the recipe here. The PBB cookies, are too cute! I made the mistake of picking up a mini bag of kisses, so they are between the size of a chocolate chip, and a full size Hershey Kiss.

Everything went WELL!! I haven't used my oven in awhile, and I didn't smoke the house... smoke detector never went off.. Thank God! Everything ran smoothly!

Guess what.. I wanna make more cookies in the future.. future I mean.. next week/month... soon!

Reason I'm making them... my fun job is hosting a Christmas party for the low income families on Monday, and I was asked if I could bring 3 varieties of cookies, a dozen each. So, since I'm going away this weekend, I needed to do them today, and have them ready for tomorrow.

I did have one mishap.... and it wasn't my fault... I will blame the Oatmeal Scotchies... as I was stirring up the final dough. My wooden spoon broke in half!! I thought they only broke when you got hit on the butt?! LOL

What is sad... Ive been listening to Christmas music for the past 4 hrs ... and still not convinced to put up our tree..LOL
Anyone want a cookie!?! I have a total of 12 dozen cookies looking at me... of course 4.5 dozens is for the Christmas party. Well, then I have less than that, since its called "test what you're baking, expirement".. how else could I find out if the cookies were good.. LOL


Shari said...

the cookies look yummy Kim!!! I will take one of each!!!! I haven't done any baking yet, but I did buy the hershey kisses yesterday for the peanut blossoms!!

Susieq said...

Kim those look good. I'm have to come up with a couple of finger food type dishes for my stitch group Christmas party, do you have any suggestions?????

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your cookies look yummy Kim. I hope you finish the model stitching soon so that you can get back to Inspirations, I have been enjoying watching your progress on this one.

Lori-Ann said...

Did someone say cookies?!!! (hand stuck out)

I'm with you on this one. I would rather do just about any task, except baking and the kitchen is my least favorite room in the house! lol.

Your cookies look great!!... are you sure "no butts were harmed in the making of these cookies?" ;) kidding... I have twisted humor.

Sweet Pea said...

Hee hee! I thought my DH and his brother were the only ones that had wooden spoons broken over their butts!

Your cookies look awesome.


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