Effin Snow!!

Ok... I'm starting a countdown for Summer!!!

Dang that's a long time yet!!

Here we are... into what.. the 6 day of the season of Winter. And I'm so SICK of the snow!..LOL

We got about 2 inches, and I had a max of 40 mph coming home from work. Man oh man the idiots out driving!! I was making a right turn, directional light blinking on the passenger side. There was truck coming from the left, so I thought I would wait. But the truck signaled to turn left down the road. The a$$ behind me comes to my left, I'm thinking the person is going to turn left to go to Michigan. Nope, the jerk creeped up along side me, and turn to the RIGHT, as I was going to turn myself. A$$!

I'm so ready for summer!!


Sandy said...

LOL Kim, you need to come on down to Louisiana....today's high was almost 70 and high humidity. Now it's 43 and windy. Our weather changes everyday, never the same. We rarely, rarely ever get any snow and it never sticks. I don't think I'd like it after that first day and the people here can barely drive when it rains so I'd have to stay home if it snows, they would drive me nuts. Sorry it's yucky there but you made me laugh. :D

Aussie Stitcher said...

Come and visit me, we are having very hot days at the moment with more coming until about Tuesday, 40degrees plus. I get really, really angry at stupid people on the roads, don't they know that they are driving something that has the potential to kill. I love your Christmas photos, and the Baptism photo of you and Lindsey, she is a cutie.

Doris said...

the people change when drive..some are very quiet and another are simply jerk, thats are the more dangerous, because start all the accidents.

here in madrid today have sun...yes sun,,but only give us light,nothing o warm....

Meari said...

I can empathize with you, girl. I am SO ready for spring also. We got another 6-8" yesterday. Even after the guy came and plowed my driveway, I still could not get up it. I had to part across the street and start shoveling what the plow didn't get. Thank goodness for my wonderful neighbors... both of them helped me do "clean up". After two hours, I finally set aside the shovel and got my car up the driveway into the garage. Up bright and early at 7:30, I was out there finishing the rest of the "clean up". Yuck!

The Chicken Lady said...

NNNNNNOOOOO! Not yet! I'm not ready for the heat and humidity. I like snow. I don't mind shoveling. I don't enjoy being cold, but heck, I have tons of quilts! :)


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