Baptism, Christmas Program, Birthday Party.... Oh MY!

If you didnt know, the DH and I went down this past weekend to visit my family. About 1.5 months ago, we were invited down to see Natalie's first church Christmas program, which was this past Sunday.

We went down on Saturday, and its a good thing we did. I had gotten a call last week, that the baptism for Lindsey was going to be on Sunday. And about month ago, my sister decided to have a bday party for Kaylee. Which worked out great, since we were going to be down there for the weekend.

Natalie is in the red oval.

So, it was 8:15am service for the baptism, 10:30am service for Natalie's Christmas program, and then 5pm for Kaylee's bday party. Was a long fun day!

Kaylee was really cute at her bday party. It came to the time to open her gifts. The table was too high for her to sit in a chair and open. So we started her off at sitting on the table. But funny thing happen, she got a little Dora chair as a gift, so we put her in the chair.
Too cute!

Can't wait to see all the kids again.... it is the 23rd yet?!?!


Shari said...

looks like a great time was had by all! I wish you lived closer to all of your little people!!! You seem like such a great aunt to them!!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, good to see all the kids again and congrats on being an Aunt. Sorry to hear about your truck. Debra in Indiana


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