Christmas Day 2007

Our My day started at 7:40am, when my sister announced that she should get the girls up.. LOL (Don't know who was more excited, my sister or the girls?!) This is how Brian looked this morning watching the girls open their presents.. he sure was interested... wasn't he?! LOL

Kaylee and Natalie woke up to find the presents under the tree, and their cookies and milk gone, and a new card in its place. We placed them in their chairs, and then started handing out the presents. Man oh man.. if it only took the same amount of time to wrap them, as it took to open their presents.. would be done in no time!

They got some nice gifts, and Natalie got what she wanted... Christmas Barbie!! They got a kitchen (that Aunt Kim had to assemble), a shopping cart, oodles of clothes, Natalie got a Leap Frog, Kaylee got a My Little Pony interacting horse....etc... They sure left a mess when they were thru!

We had my side of the family get together this morning. We met at the town hall, as we need all the room we can get with our growing family. We were able to snap some photos of the kids before they got to open their presents.

Saturday night, I took Natalie and Kaylee shopping... had to finish my shopping. It was alot of fun. Natalie actually chose her Christmas gift. I had asked if she knew if Katie, her cousin, had this Barbie Bed and Breakfast set... no she didn't, but Natalie sure liked it. So I said.. ok, I will get it for Katie. The whole time I was wrapping presents, of course Nat had to help... Nat was thinking it was Katie's present. I got her good! She went to open her gift, and I said to her. Guess what.. you got to pick out your own gift. How cool was that! The look on her face was priceless, and we both started laughing!! HE HE

Well, Brian didn't get his clown shoes or green jeans. He was so slow to open his gift it was funny! But he was like a little kid when he found out what was actually inside. He received his necklace that he has wanted now for over a month! I called the store where he had seen it, and had it mailed to my sister for the exchange gift for him. Worked out great! He also received 2 zipper hooded sweatshirts.

What did I get you ask!?! I received a 8" & a 11" QSnaps and a $25 Gift Card to WalMart! Such a nice Christmas! Hard to believe its over!!

The picture to the right is all the kids with their new hand knitted sweaters that my Mom made for each kids. Natalie received Dora. Katie and Kaylee both got a Hello Kitty sweater, and of course Conway got a Firetruck sweater! They were all adorable!!


Jennifer's life and goings on said...

Very cute, I am glad they had a wonderful day. I know you will make use of those qsnaps. Enjoy your Christmas stash.

Jennifer's life and goings on said...

Also how do you cross out your words when you make a mistake. I like that idea.

Courtney said...

I think that picture of whoever Brian is, is probably the best Christmas picture EVER.

Meari said...

LOL.. Yeah, *who* is Brian? Just kidding. ;-) Looks like you all had a nice Christmas.

The Chicken Lady said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Looks busy! Those sweaters are ADORABLE! I especially like the Hello Kitty sweaters. :)


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