Started another one...

The other day I was looking for some fabric for a new project.. and I couldn't find the right size piece, and I kept looking. And then I came across the perfect size fabric for something else. I continued to look for the original piece I was looking for. Found it.

Guess what the first fabric was for?!?! ... It was long and narrow and fit one of the designs that I wish to start soon. As you can tell by the picture - its the Christmas Double Flips from Lizzie*Kate! I love how its turning out so far! And it stitching up fast!! I haven't decided how I'm going to stitch the outer border, its calls for Whitewash (712), but I'm thinking of going with the same color as the bow on the bottom, but I'm not sure yet.

I had started this on Friday - made some good progress, then I worked this weekend. Came home and I was too tired to stitch on it. So I finished up Stocking today, and had Holly stitched up on Saturday night, before I fell asleep.

The other piece of fabric is for "Its a Girl Thing", also from L*K - I'm going to stitch "Its Expensive to Be ME!"

I'm going to put this start down for a bit, and work on a HAED. Cabin is actually calling to be stitched on.. LOL So off I go..


Irene said...

Looking great Kim ! I have up to the Santa done. I left off the whitewash border. I really must pull this out and work on it some.

Laura said...

It looks fantastic, Kim! I am doing this one this year also.

staci said...

Wonderful new start...you've already made a good deal of progress!


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