Cute Handmade Fleece Kids Hats and Mittens - Pickled Beets Kids Hats

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Check out these ADORABLE children's fleece hats!
It just makes me want to have kids, they are so stinkin cute!

Ive known Greta for years... gosh, a very long time - grew up with her kids. And everything she does is just awesome!!

Just putting a plug in


Jade said...

Hi Kim,
just wanted to say hello, my name is Jade and I found you through Meari's blog. Your quilts are absolutely amazing. One day I hope to learn quilting myself.

Janaina said...

I read what you wrote at Meari's last posting and just wanted to let you know you have great finishes here and they are beautiful! Dont give up on stiching because some silly person. If you enjoy it, forget about anything else!
I like what I see here! =)
Hugs from sunny Brazil!


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